Saturday, December 12, 2020

First UK people to get coronavirus-264-William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon


The first 2 people to get a coronvirus vaccine are from the UK named, Margaret Keenan and William Shakespeare. 
Margaret Keenan=264(FB)
Covid Nineteen=264(FB)
The second person being William Shakespeare is interesting because many people believe that Francis Bacon is actually William's just perfect. 
William Shakespeare=187 and 239(FB)
Society of Jesus=187 and 239(FB)
Tozinameran=187(FB)(Pfizer vaccine)
Shakespeare died age 52...
The 52nd prime is 239. 

Margaret Keenan is from Coventry...
Coventry=187(FB) and 243(FB) and 122 and 94

This happened 122 days before the date Francis Bacon died and 243 days after he died. 
Francis Bacon's bday was 1/22. 
5/2 is the 122nd day. 
Bacon and Shakepeare's bday were 94 days apart. 


  1. Chris Tucker born 8/31/1971 the 243rd day with 122 remaining

  2. 90 + 81.....

    Both Sum 9.

    William = Bill

  3. The 12th Night is a Shakespeare play that was played for Queen Elizabeth on Christmastide's 12th night.