Sunday, December 27, 2020

Petula Clark song "Downtown" playing before Nashville bombing

The song "Downtown" was apparently playing before the bomb went off in Nashville now...
Tony Hatch=39
Petula Clark=39
Listen to that song lol, it sounds exactly like something the Joker would blow something up to as well in my opinion. 

Of course, this happens 40 days or 1 month 10 days after Petula's bday too. 
evacuate now=40
See the previous posts for all of the WTC connections and more. 
Downtown=88 and 114(FB)
Petula Clark just turned 88 years old. 
Tony Hatch=114

Notice this song came out on Petula Clark's first album licensed to Warner Brothers Records too....Time WARNER and AT&T...just crazy. 

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