Saturday, December 12, 2020

Synchronicity with the Gematria Effect and Millennium-Katie Holmes-Disturbing Behavior


I just got back from taking my girlfriends brother to work...It's snowing pretty bad and the county roads to his job were terrible but I finally made it home....I figured I would listen to the Gematria Effect on the way home though and I kept it on as I came upstairs...I then went to and one of the first articles I saw was about Katie Holmes....a few articles down was another article that used a thumbnail of Nick Stahl.....this stuck out to me because him and Katie Holmes are in the film "Disturbing Behavior" together. Years ago I was in love with Katie Holmes because of Dawson's Creek lol and I remember liking this movie as well....

Anyway I still had the Gematria Effect playing on my phone and I went to check out this movie on the opening paragraph it tells us about the director being David Nutter who was the director for "Millennium"....this was funny because just as I was reading this, someone on the Gematria Effect is talking about the "Millenium Hilton". 

Not sure what the significance of this happening is yet, but as always it will probably make sense at a later time. I might actually watch that film again tonight, as I remember it being about mind control, and I bet there are some hidden gems I didn't notice before. 


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