Sunday, December 20, 2020

Error in spelling COVID-19 in connection to my error of the word "NASCAR"-Coventry-Mike Tyson-Native Americans

I was sitting here looking at my old blog posts and I realized that I made an error with Covid Nineteen....It should actually be COVID Nineteen with all capital letters. Even so, what are the odds that it syncs up perfectly with just a capital "C"? Remember I did this same thing with the word "Nascar", which is supposed to be "NASCAR"...even doing it wrong, it still synced to the narrative I was following and we still had a death on 8/31/2019 as I suspected. 

 Look at this though...



COVID Nineteen=212 and 418(FB)

Sandra Lindsay=418(FB) and 262(FB)


What are the odds that the 2 words I messed up both end up summing to 212 in the Francis Bacon ciphers? 

I went back and found my post where I realized that Nascar should be NASCAR which was on 9/19/19....

Notice how I also blogged and made importance of Mike Stefanik dying in COVENTRY, Rhode Island? how Margaret Keenan got the first COVID 19 vaccine in COVENTRY too....What are the odds? Once again proving that even errors happen for a reason. 

Mike Stefanik=201

Michael Paul Stefanik=264(FB)

Covid Nineteen=264(FB)


Margaret Keenan=264(FB)

He died in a plane crash just after Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in a plane crash in ELIZABETHton...

Dale Earnhardt Jr.=67(my previous post)

COVID Nineteen=1010(Jewish)

Jr.'s bday is 10/10. 

Dale Jr. is a major Washington Football Team/Redskins fan too haha? 

I knew I was going to learn something important in regards to Gematria today and here it is, I can't stop laughing at the fact I made a major error which turned out to be perfectly synced. 

In the above post about Conventry I mentioned how I had just documented about COVEN...the post where I talked about Coven was from a few days before and it involved a RAM sync/theme...which is interesting considering a few hours ago I blogged how the Rams were important to the Ravens/Cleveland stuff. 

Even better is that I just looked up the town Coventry, Rhode Island...look at the small list of notable people in this town.....Desiree Washington? The girl who Mike Tyson raped lol...oh really...not like I haven't been documenting about him like crazy either. 

Desiree Washington=264

He raped her in an INDIANapolis Hotel room too. 

Notice how CNN constantly only capitalizes the "C" in Covid though....I think it's legit both ways and CNN is probably the reason I was doing it wrong for so long. 

COVID Stands for "Coronavirus disease". 

Coronavirus disease=243(FB) 82, 116...

Funny as Zenith pointed this out to me on my video..


Native American=243(FB)

116 an important number to the Native America I forgot about the 116 pages lost in the Book of Mormon that goes along with this narrative. 

Plus Rocky Marciano died on the 243rd day...Apollo Creed...

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