Monday, December 14, 2020

Redskins leading their division and Bills Beat the Steelers the same day the Cleveland Indians announce they are changing their name

 This is great, I mention how there is a native american theme connected to the Steelers and the 2 major teams I was following with it were the Redskins and Buffalo Bills....then the Redskins beat the Steelers giving them their first loss of the the Steelers lose again to the Buffalo Bills....Not only that, the Redskins also won yesterday which has now put them in the top of their division too. 

Even better is the other major sports story was the the Cleveland Indians are now changing their name..

This story comes a span of 154 days after the Redskins announced they were changing their name. 

Native Americans=154

Notice that the Buffalo Bills won by 11 points keeping the Steelers on 11 wins too..

Remember the Baltimore vs Steelers game was pushed back to 31 days after they last played each other and the Steelers then got their 11th win..


The 11th prime is 31. 

When the Redskins beat the Steelers my Facebook was flooded with Chiefs fans thanking Alex Smith for the win...he of course used to play for the Chiefs.....


The Chiefs are also another Native American team...

Alex Smith wears # 11....He played college for the Utah Utes...Andy Reid(Mormon)...Utah(Mormon)....Native Americans/Mormons....


Alex Smith=111

There's a whole lot more I have documented about him and 11...

Notice how the Redskins beat the 49ers yesterday too....The 49ers are the team Smith played for before going to the Chiefs....The QB controversy/Ravens....

I have to go to work, but I also woke up with a comment about the number 11 on my Pocahontas video lol...I was going to write this post last night, but I felt like crap all day and just went to bed. 

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