Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Anthony QUINN Warner in relation to my blog post about Richard Quinn-Batman/Harley QUINN-Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium-Dr. QUINN Medicine Woman is the Bond Girl in Live and Let Die


I have been stuck on this idea for a few days and I just realized why it's important. A few days before the Nashville bombing I blogged about Richard Quinn on Zach's show...then when they said the bombers name was Anthony Quinn Warner the name has just stood out to me....It seems like such an odd middle name for a man as I only think about Dr. Quinn medicine woman....but my cousin Jacob actually has the middle name "Quinn" as well....His initials are JQB which sound like his name..something we have always thought was funny....He is from Kansas City and a Chiefs Fan.......

Jacob Quinn Behrendt=260(FB)

Kansas City Chiefs=260

Super Bowl=260(FB)

Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB)

The Christmas bombing was 260 days before 9/11. 

Anyway as I'm looking back at my old Batman Building Post, I noticed that I mentioned the new Harley Quinn film coming out right after Super Bowl 54....

Harley QUINN.....Birds of Prey? Margot Robbie is also Sharon Tate...Jack Nicholson/Joker...

Charles Manson=261(FB)


Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is portrayed by Jane Seymour..

Jane Seymour just so happens to play the Bond Girl in the film "Live and Let Die" that is connected Trump at the Mask Factory/Sean Connery/Rose Theme...

Looking through my old posts about Harley Quinn I mentioned a ton about the Ravens winning the Blackout Bowl in New Orleans....I also mentioned Paris and Blackouts...The City of Lights....Aurora, Illinois also the City of Light....

Another thing that stands out to me is that I talked a good deal about the Dallas Cowboys in connections to Charles Manson...in one of my Harley Quinn posts I mentioned a college friend Kevin Quinn who lived in the Dallas area and how the Cowboys play at "AT&T" Stadium. 

Dallas Cowboys also play the New York Giants this coming week which stands out in regards to 9/11. 

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