Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Buster Douglas Open to Mike Tyson Rematch


This story comes a span of 239 days after Buster Douglas' bday on 4/7. 
Buster Douglas=239(FB) and 47
Today is also a span of 4 months 7 days before 4/7. 
Roy Jones Jr.=239(FB)
The article goes on to tell us that Kevin McBride beat Mike Tyson and of course Kevin is 47 years old right now. 
Buster Douglas=164
Mike Tyson=164(FB)
Iron Mike Tyson=164

Buster Douglas is currently 60 years old...
Nigger=42, 30, 60
This story comes 30 years after Buster Douglas got his 30th win against Mike Tyson...
The Fight was on the 42nd day of 1990 in Japan with odds of 42 to 1. 
Tokyo Dome=42
World War=42
Think about Japan in regards to this...

Tokyo Japan=128
Buster Douglas beat Tyson a span of 1 month 28 days before his bday.....Today is a span of 128 days before Buster Douglas' bday. 
The reason I'm wondering about Tokyo is "Tokyo Japan"=194(FB)

Mike Tyson=59
James Buster Douglas=59
So on..
Today is 5 months 9 days before Kevin McBride's bday. 

I previously documented about Buster Douglas in relation to a guy I met in Omaha who lost to Buster named Dicky Ryan. Looking further into Buster Douglas I see his debut fight was on 5/31, which was Dicky Ryan's bday and 164 days before my bday. 
Dicky Ryan=47

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