Sunday, December 27, 2020

Tom Hardy's birthday on 9/15-Pittsburgh Steelers/Batman-Seeing my friend Norm yesterday-CHRISTIAN Bale and the Antioch connection-Pocahontas

 Looking at Tom Hardy again I see that his bday is 9/15...this sticks out because I have previously stated how I think this day is important to the Pittsburgh Steelers/Dan Marino stuff....Amazon reaching out to Zach about his book in Pittsburg, California...

What's even funnier is that yesterday at work my friend Norm came in and talked to me. Once again, I barely ever see him because he lives so far away....I haven't seen him since November I find it funny now that I'm realizing a major connection to Batman again....Recall I went to the Midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises with him for his bday...I'm pretty sure he got married on 8/5 too, which is funny considering the Antioch shooting happened on 8/5. 

The Steelers and Ravens...

9/15 to Christmas is 101 days..


Also think about Antioch and how Batman is portrayed by CHRISTIAN Bale....Notice Christian Bale is also a voice in the film "Pocahontas" along with Mel Gibson who is John Smith....Mel Gibson is in the original Mad Max films as the same character that Tom Hardy plays. 

I also recently documented about the Terminator films and Christian Bale also plays John Connor in the Terminator Salvation...

Christian Bale=86


Hines Ward # 86

Aurora Colorado=86

James Eagan Holmes=86



Joel McCall=86

Chris Sturgill=86

I think a lot of this is coded to 8/6/2022 that I have mentioned in previous months. 

Super Bowl=260F(B)

Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB)

This attack happened 260 days before 9/11. 

Big Ben is 38 years old..

Hines Ward born on 3/8..


Ravens won SB 47 exactly 38 days before Pope Francis became the Pope. 


  1. The Pulse Nightclub shooting was 1657 days before the Nashville Explosion. 1656 the 260th prime. The Warner AT&T merger started 6/12/2018 two years after the Pulse shooting. They were able to defeat an antitrust suit in order to complete the merger. They weren't able to back in the early 80s and the antitrust ruling went into effect on the first day of 1984. The original AT&T begin in 1885. "Anthony Q Warner" = 1885 ext. "Anthony Quinn Warner" = 251 ordinal. Basketball = 85 ordinal 251 Jewish. Boston = 85 ordinal.

  2. Wonder Woman 1984 just came out and featured a Cameo from the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter portraying Asteria which means "of the stars". It's funny too how Wonder Woman wears Asteria's armor which is a lot like that of Hawkgirl. "Hawkgirl" = 1035 Jewish "Venus" = 1035 Jewish. The armor also reminds us of "Horus" which as a lot of overlap with "Venus" in the base 4 ciphers. Lynda Carter is from Phoenix speaking of birds....