Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Rafer Johnson dead in relation to my thoughts on Rosey Grier/The Bodyguard/Secret Service/RFK Assassination


How interesting that Rafer Johnson dies today....I recently mentioned the Secret Service..the film Bodyguard and how Rosie Grier may be important. This was because he was one of the guys who tackled Sirhan Sirhan.....What are the odds that Rafer Johnson was also one of the guys who tackled Sirhan Sirhan with Rosie Grier? 

Things seem to happen this way with me all the time with this knowledge...such as wondering about James Earl Jones and then the actor who played Darth Vader died....It's the same with sports too....the team I follow because of my syncs is always important, but very rarely do they win the championship...they are always related to the team who actually wins or makes the championship though...

Rafer Johnson=143

What do you know?...He dies 224 days before Rosey Grier's bday too lol. 

Rafer Johnson=64 and 181
He dies 6 months 4 days before the RFK Shooting and 181 days after the anniversary. 
Sirhan Sirhan=186
RFK died a span of 64 days after MLK Jr.
Civil on..

The 42nd prime number is 181..
RFK died age 42. 


  1. You ended this post with RFK, like Washington D.C. Today the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards traded John Wall and Russell Westbrook.

    Houston, the team you’ve been synchronicity.

  2. Bro I just did a youtube video where I mention the word decathlon. We're in December which means 10th month. Decade, Decimal etc..

  3. Bruce Jenner was a decathlete. We get the story of Ellen Page transitioning to Elliot Page on the first day of December. Seems that's what they're pointing to.

  4. The current record holder is a frernchman "kevin mayer" = 1280 jewish. born 2/10. moon = 210. 9/11 turns 238 lunar months old on 12/8. "kevin mayer" = "conspiracy" in all 4 base ciphers. even born on 123 date numerology. hes an aquarius ruled by saturn born on the 41st day (mercury) with 325 remaining (mars) saturn mars and mercury on the pillar of severity

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