Sunday, December 27, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 released same day as Nashville bombing-Batman narrative and France-The Sum of All Fears-Oblivion-Death of Sean Connery


In relation to Batman and the Christmas explosion it also stands out that the new Wonder Woman film came out on Christmas. Recall that Wonder Woman's first live action portrayal was from the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that came out just after SB 50. 
Also recall that Donald Trump said he was Batman on Ben Affleck's bday which is the day Napoleon was born in history. 
The actor who plays Superman is Henry Cavill and he was born on 5/5, which is the same day that Napoleon died and the French Revolution began. 
Wonder Woman is also Diana Prince and Princess Diana died in France....Diana is the Goddess of the Moon...the Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Napoleon's bday of 8/15 is also the day the Jesuits were formed in Paris, France. 
Gal Gadot=201(FB) and 132(FB)
Catholic Church=132
We know the 201 stuff. 

Notice this bombing happened 132 days after Ben Affleck's bday and a span of 132 days before Henry Cavill's bday...
This also means their bday's are a span of 264 days apart and Napoleon died 264 days after his bday too. 
Super Bowl LV=132
Super Bowl=164(FB)
Princess Diana=132

Looking at my old information I also mentioned Morgan Freeman a ton in relation to this...He was in the film "The Sum of All Fear" with Ben Affleck..In that film he is at a Football game just before a terrorist attack happens in Baltimore....The Baltimore Ravens won after the Batman shooting.....The film is also from the Tom Clancy series involving the character "Jack Ryan"..such as the Sean Connery film "The Hunt For Red October"....So the 264 stands out even more so to me..
Jack Ryan=264(FB) and 164(FB)
Sean Connery=264(FB) and 164

Morgan Freeman is also in the film "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise and the drone 166. In the film Tom Cruise goes to the Stadium where the final Super Bowl was played. 
The film "Oblivion" came out in the year after the Batman shooting as well on 4/19/2013..
Tom Clancy died on 10/1/2013 too.."Batman"=101(FB)

Wonder Woman=55
The Christmas bombing was 5 months 5 days after the 51st anniversary of the Batman shooting. 
Henry Cavill born on 5/5. 
Super Bowl 55...
Sean Connery died 55 days before Christmas..

Morgan Freeman=221
So on..

Crazier yet is that Mary Tofflemire messaged me yesterday..recall how she is important to the number 166...which was important to the car crash at Zach's house on Christmas Eve..
Mary Tofflemire=264(FB) and 218(FB)
Joe Tofflemire=264(FB) and 191(FB)
Joe wore number 56 and died on the Jesuit anniversary age 46....all numbers important to the Catholic stuff..
Society of Jesus=191
Seattle Seahawks=221(FB)

The video she commented on I put on YouTube on 1/11..I also mention Oblivion/Tom Cruise in that video..All synced to the Miami Dolphins/my Uncle too....Dolphins have the Charles Manson numbers...Ravens are the Blackbird...The Tate Murders were just after the original Moon landing..Harley Quinn actress is also Sharon Tate...Jack Nicholson(Joker) and Roman Polanski's rape......These 2 themes are really important to each other...the Charles Manson narrative even began just days before my Uncle Barney died. 

A random note here..
Thomas Leo Clancy Jr=194
He died a span of 194 days before his bday. 
Charles Manson=194(FB)

Think about Morgan Freeman's portrayal of God in Bruce Almighty as well...Jim Carrey is the riddler who uses Gematria in his riddles...

The Batman=136(FB) and 166(FB)
The Dark Knight=136
The Nashville bombing was also important to 9/ it stands out to me that "The Batman" is set to be released 1 year 2 months 7 days after this bombing...
Buildings 1, 2, and 7...

I wonder how France connects to all of this's obviously important in some way, but I don't see the full picture..unless there is an event coming for France in the near future...
Paris France=218(FB)
8/6 is the 218th day and so on...

Kamala Harris=264(FB) and 164...Wonder Woman? 

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