Friday, December 25, 2020

Explosion in Nashville on Christmas-The AT&T Batman Building-911-Death of KC Jones

A few days ago Daryl Morey was in the news about his China Tweet and I thought there was something important to Batman again....recall he tweeted the same day that the "Joker" film came out and so on..

Now on Christmas we get an explosion in Nashville, Tennessee right next to an AT&T building which is around the corner from the BATMAN Building(AT&T). 



New York=39(See Below)

What else I find strange about today is that K.C. Jones died today. Bobby is the person who told me about the Batman building last year and he also went under the name "Casey Jones" at one point. I can't find it anymore, but a spammed Facebook profile named "Casey Jones" requested to be my friend a few weeks back too. 
KC Jones=40 and 41(sk) and 77
AT&T=40, 41 and 201(Jewish) and 77(FB)

At least 41 businesses were damaged? 

This being important to AT&T reminds that 911 was also important to AT&T...
Skull and Bones=41
Pentagon construction began on 9/11 in the year 41'. 
United States=77
World Trade Center=77
September Eleventh=77
The Pentagon/Bush  and 77 stuff..Flight 77..

The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall..
Osama bin Laden=110
Pentagon has Hwy 110 next to it. 
Nine One One=110
AT&T made the emergency dialing code 9-1-1 in 1968, the same year that WTC construction began. 

Further, today is 260 days before 9/11...
Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB) and 102
Al Qaeda=102(Jewish)
The WTC attack lasted 102 minutes. 
Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack=911(Jewish)
Tisha B'Av important to the 2 Temples and 9/11. 

Look at the actor from Ninja Turtles who plays the character Casey Jones too....he has a bday on 3/11...Recall the Tribute in light was on 3/11. 
2/26/1993 to 9/11/2000 is 3,119 days...311...911

Today is a span of 77 days before Elias Koteas bday too. 

KC Jones=151(FB)
Notice he died 151 days before his bday. 
Bobby Simpson=151

It's interesting that today is the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ too, and many people believe that Jesus' true bday was actually 9/11....The Coptic Calendar and Ethiopian Calendar also begin on 9/11 of the Gregorian Calendar. 
Jesus Christ=151
Jesus=11...recall that 9/11 is all about 11 too. 

In my post from last year I mentioned how the Batman building was important to the Tennessee Titans, but also the Kansas City Chiefs....KC.....
Kansas City Chiefs=260
Boston Massachusetts=260

Joker=151(FB) and 102(FB)

The Ravens synced to Batman too. 
Notice the address of the RV was 166 2nd Avenue North..
Twin Towers=166
Empire State=166
Think about the film Oblivion and the drone number 166/Super bowl..
This is that big number synced to the Umbrella Man and a car crashing in Zach's garage on Christmas Eve too..Death of my Uncle...

I've recently mentioned the number 200 standing out, but not sure of the meaning..
Kansas City=200(FB)
Al Qaeda=200(FB)

Another interesting thing I found is that today is 2 months 18 days after the anniversary of Francis Nash dying. He is who Nashville is named after...
Osama bin Laden=218(FB)
Twin Towers=218(FB)
Conspiracy Theory=218(FB)

Joaquin Phoenix=200


  1. Remember in Batman Returns, Penguin and his goons attack during the Christmas Festivities.

  2. Also.

    AT & T

    1 20 + 20

    21 + 20.......


    21 + 20......41

    41 is VERY IMPORTANT this year.


    1 2020.....

    WON 2020

    #One 2020
    #1 2020

  3. Casey Jones....

    Friend of the

    4 Turtles


    1 Rat

  4. The Explosion was at 166 2nd avenue 166 days before my birthday.

    Venus really shines through. Venus was the only planet in the sky at the time of the explosion. The Venus magic square is a 7x7 summing to 1225. Christmas had 77 date numerology. 77 days after the Governor's birthday. Nashville Mayor born on a date with 77 remaining. It was the governor's 707th day in office. "Seventy Seven" = 2020 ext. This leads to the lunar riddle.

    When Mayor John Cooper was born Tennessee was in its 1984th lunar month. Wonder Woman 1984 released Christmas day which was a Friday/Venus Day to boot. Cooper/Copper alchemical element of Venus. When Governor Bill Lee was born Tennessee was 2020 lunar months old. Currently Tennessee is 2777 lunar months old the 404th prime which is the total number of verses in Revelation. 2777 days between World Trade Center attacks. Former Celtic Rajon Rondo with a parking garage incident....

    Mercury is strong too. 41 buildings as you mentioned. Mercury = 41. Took out communications a Mercury aspect. It was at the intersection of commerce and 2nd avenue. 2nd avenue formerly Market St. ComMERCe. Mercury/Market. ATT = 41. You spotted those 41s. Rambo talks about the duel between Mercury and Jupiter. I'm a Gemini ruled by Mercury.

    The Jesuit Order just turned 41 Jupiter years old and is in its 2020th Mercury year. Mathematically The Jesuit Order turns 2020 Mercury years old on 2-19-2021 Smokey Robinson's 81st birthday. Venus = 81. Just had a dream about his song "I Second That Emotion". Which it just hit me that the explosion was on Second Avenue. I had that dream a couple days prior.

    Pope Francis on Christmas Day turned 1 Uranian year old. He became Pope on the 232nd anniversary of Uranus's discovery date.

  5. A guy on my route actually suggested it couldve been inspired by the Irish Republican Army. Celtics are the fighting Irish.

    Derek and I have picked up on some NSA stuff too. It was Exactly 7000 days after the Patriot Act. "USA Patriot Act" = 795 Jewish. "Zeus" = 795 Jewish. Sky god right? "Jets" = 795 Jewish. Uranus the 7th planet. Uranus rules Aquarius.

    Patriot = 99, 36, 90, 45
    Jupiter = 99, 36, 90, 45

    New Year's Day seems like an interesting date. 7007 days after the Patriot Act. That's exactly 12 Venus Synodic cycles in other words Venus will be in the same position relative to Earth as it was on the day they enacted the Patriot Act.

  6. Just a couple more things. Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman. G.G. 77. I also still have the blog

    Which is strange because my most recent post is about Venus and 77. I did it back in September....

  7. I got one thing wrong. It was 3119 days between WTC attacks. I was born 770 days after Gal Gadot

  8. Also I think my Facebook was hacked. I had to change the password. I do have a backup account that has the name Casey Jones. I have Usain Bolt as the profile pic.