Monday, December 21, 2020

Hawaii Volcano eruption and the messages from EdRod syncing to this-Great American Eclipse-North Korea/South Korea/Moon


It's interesting that the volcano in Hawaii erupted again today for the first time since 2018....A few weeks ago Edgardo was telling me about a bunch of syncs with 111 and how he was seeing Pompei alot...I mentioned that it may be connected to Hawaii...and now we get this story only a few weeks later..

If you go back and look at my old posts about the 2018 Earthquake I mentioned how it was 111 days after the North Korean Missile scare that was synced to the Great American Eclipse...The Great American Eclipse happened on Hawaii's 59th anniversary being a state and the last time a Total Solar Eclipse could be seen in the United States was in 1991 and only in the state of Hawaii. 
The North Korean Missile scare happened 145 days after the Great American Eclipse..
North Korea=145
North Korea synced big time to the Catholic/Jesuit theme. 

This eruption happens a week after the Total Solar Eclipse over South America that was synced to Jesuit Pope Francis...

Kim Jong-un=129

Maybe we should pay attention to North Korea or Kim Jong-un. 
South Korea=264(FB)
The president is MOON Jae-in...

Another thing that interests me is that I commented this 15 days ago...
War=15 and 21 and today is the 21st. 


  1. Funny, I've been seeing Pompeii a lot too. Apparently happened 79 AD. Actual date of eruption was thought to be August 24 but since has been speculated to be October 17 or November 23. Something about Pompeii doesn't sit well with me. The famous cast of the Pompeii dog just looks too unbelievable. No dog would die in that position and with it's mouth open, lol. It's a good tourist spot anyway. That song "Ready to let go" by Cage the Elephant comes to mind. Thanks

    1. From the release of the above song, January 31, 2019 to December 21, 2020 is 1 year 10 months 22 days, or 22 months 22 days, or 691 days (all including end date).

  2. Five Hundred Fifty Five = 2222
    At time of Geeat Conjunction, Jupiter was 555 million miles away
    2222 = Kansas City Missouri