Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Russell Westbrook has coronavirus 44 days before Harden's bday-Charles Manson-Richaun Holmes Quarantined

Russell Westbrook announces he has coronavirus 44 days before James Harden's bday. 
James Harden=44

Russell Westbrook III=261
The Twins number. 

Even more interesting is that Westbrook shares a bday with Charles Manson, and Colin Kaepernick originally knelt on James Harden's bday. 
Charles Manson=261(FB)
Colin Rand Kaepernick=261(FB)

Today is also the 195th day of the year. 
Houston Texas=195(FB)

Helter Skelter Theory=525(FB)
George Floyd pretty much began the Helter Skelter Theory on 5/25, which was 5 months 25 days before the anniversary of Charles Manson dying. 
George Floyd important to the Twin symbolism. 

We also got this story today....What have I been saying forever about the connection to the Rockets and the Kings? 
Now a Rocket and a King violate the quarantine rules. 

Notice Richaun Holmes wears #22 for the Kings too...This is Isaiah Thomas' number when he played for he Kings.. Isaiah Thomas was synced up to the China/Houston narrative. 
Richaun Holmes=70

This also comes 70 days before Bruno Caboclo's bday. 
Bruno Caboclo=203
Houston Rockets=203