Friday, July 31, 2020

Malik B of "The Roots" dead at 47 on International Tiger Day

Malik B of "The Roots" is dead at 47? 
Malik B=42
The Roots=42
So on..
Malik Adbul Basit=47

Considering Malik B. died on International Tiger Day, I wonder if it's somehow connected to this......The Roots remind us of the TV show "Roots" with Kunta Kinte. 
Kunta Kinte is portrayed by LaVar Burton who also played Detroit Tiger Ronald LeFlore in a movie. 

LaVar Burton=72
Ronald LeFlore is 72..
Burton is also in a film called "Gramblings White Tiger"...notice the main character is Bruce Jenner too. 

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  1. Rickie Fowler is leading PGA Tour, he's from California. making 248th Start, Kobe Bryant #24, #8.

    Next week is the PGA Tour's 1st Major IN CALIFORNIA, the PGA Championship. The last time it was played in California 1995.