Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Charlie Daniels Death and the Charlie Horse I've had all day

I'm not sure if this is for sure related, but I know how crazy this stuff works, so I want to document it. I was sitting here thinking about Charlie Daniels, and how I have had a Charlie Horse in my leg/foot for the majority of the day. I had 3 band gigs outside over the weekend and it was hot as hell out, so I think it's because I'm still dehydrated.....but it's just interesting to me considering the name "Charlie"...plus his name is Charles Edward Daniels....my name is Daniel Edward Behrendt.....
I put Kanye West in the last post and he was important to the Paris attacks and Prince Charles bday....Charles..Charlie...Charlie Sheen...Charles in Charge...I talked about a lot of this in 2015..

Notice he died 239 days after my bday and also 127 days.or 4 months 4 days before my bday..
239 is the number important to the kneeling symbolism..
Georgia=44 and 127

He also died 1 month 20 days before the anniversary of Kaepernick kneeling on the 239th day of 2016...
Charlie Daniels=120
Kanye West=120
Atlanta=120 and 239(FB)
Atlanta Falcons=239
Prince Charles=76

Philando Castile killed on 7/6 in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. 

Charlie Horse=67, 76
I wonder if it could be related to the Mandela Effect stuff and the Horse Races, I've mentioned? 

Notice Tiz the Law's breeder is "TWIN Creek Farm"...
Notice the official betting partner of the Kentucky Derby is "TWINspires.com" too. 
It's the 146th Kentucky Derby...
George Floyd died on the 146th day..
Colin Kaepernick=146
Flag day is 14/6. 
Also interesting to point out the Mandela Effect stuff was important to India and there is a horse named Ete Indien...

Kentucky Derby=56, 187 and 239(FB)


  1. Likely ties into the 84th Masters played in Atlanta coming in November for the first time in PGA History.

    The PGA is playing a double header tournament in Dublin, Ohio this week. First time in 44 years the PGA Tour has played 2 tournaments back to back at the same site. Atlanta = 44, this is because the "3M Tournament" was cancelled. The 3M Tournament played in MINNESOTA.

    The one off PGA Tournament this weekend in Ohio, is sponsored by WORKDAY, (Workday Charity Open), Workday is a company based in California, owned by INDIAN Aneel Bhusri. I mention this because you were connecting India, and 14/6, the 146th Kentucky Derby, the first PGA Tour event after Corona Virus was held on 14/6. Donald Trump's b-day. Kentucky Derby, NASCAR this weekend is in Kentucky on 12/7. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127

    Jimmie Johnson the Nascar driver who is on 83 Wins (Going for 84) < 84th Masters, tested positive for Corona Virus, sitting on 666 Career Starts. He had to miss the Indianapolis Race, Indianapolis where the Indianapolis 500 will be held on Kobe Bryant's birthday. Jimmie Johnson has the same birthday as Patrick Mahomes. September 17th. The day after Johnson gets Corona Virus on 666, Patrick Mahomes gets his record contract.

    1. Charlie Daniels died in Nashville Tennessee at 83 years old. Jimmie Johnson on 666 starts and 83 wins.

      Nashville Tennessee where Nascar Awards were going to be held. Yet they announced over the weekend the Award Ceremony in Nashville will be cancelled.

    2. Interesting that 8/23 will be 1176 days since Johnson's last win
      1176 = June Fourteenth

  2. The Devil Went Down to Georgia, was released on May 21st, 1979.

    Gary Woodland, PGA Player, born on May 21st. 1984 in Kansas,

    Patrick Mahomes, KANSAS, gets contract record extension.

    Gary Woodland = 185, Charles Edwards Daniels = 185

    Woodland won the 119th US Open in California last year, winning his 1st Major.

    From Kansas, won in California. (KC Chiefs beat the California team, to win the SB)

    George Floyd = 119.

  3. NASCAR = 56, Sunday is 56 days to the Kentucky Derby, where NASCAR will be racing in Sparta KENTUCKY.