Friday, August 28, 2020

Trump pardons Alice Johnson in connection to Transgender Activitst Marsha P. Johnson-Lyndon B. Johnson and MLK's I Have a Dream Speech-Freddy Krueger

So I see this story about a Transgender activist on CNN. As I looked up the name in Gematria I realized that it didn't have the usual connection to "Transgender" or "Transgendered", but the name did sum to 63.
Marsha P. Johnson=63

 I wondered if this was important still because I knew the number 63 was important to Transgender "Jazz Jennings". I searched Jazz Jennings on my blog and of course in the post I also mentioned how Alice Johnson was commuted. It's important because another major story today is that Alice Johnson has been pardoned by Trump now. 
Alice Johnson=53, 64
Transgender=53, 64

It's also interesting that in the old post I mentioned MTV...there is another story in the news about the VMA's being held outside today too...

Johnson is a Penis. 

Recall how the VMA's were important to Kanye/Taylor Swift and Wes Craven in 2015. I'm pointing this out because "Alice Johnson" is also a character in the Freddy Krueger films....The 2020 VMA's will be the 5th anniversary of Wes Craven dying. 
Elm Street is important to JFK...
510 is a number important to JFK/North Korea. 

Of course, 
Today is the annivesary of MLK Jr's. "I have a dream" speech in the year 63'. 

Remember W.E.B. Dubois died the day before the I have a dream speech on 8/27/63. ..this was also Lyndon B. JOHNSON's bday...LBJ would then pass then become president after JFK was assassinated and pass the Civil Rights Act 311 days after his bday. 
The 64th prime is 311. 
Lydon B. Johnson=64(died age 64 too)
Civil Rights=64
Dubois born on 2/23 which leaves 311 days in the year. 
So on...
I just want to point out the significance of JOHNSON. 

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