Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Larry Demery will get Parole on 8/6/2023 for Murdering Michael Jordan's Father-Sirius-Charles Manson

They announced today that James Jordan's killer will be released on the date 8/6 in the year 2023...

The Year 23'....like how Jordan is famous for # 23. 

Recall that James Jordan's death was super important to Sirius...it happened during the Dog Days of Summer...plus the Bulls used the song Sirius as their intro and so on...
The date of 8/6 makes sense considering it's during the Dog Days of Summer, and Sirius is said to be 8.6 Light Years away. 
It's also interesting that today is 183 days before and after Michael Jordan's birthday. In regards to basketball, this number reminds me of LeBron James..
LeBron  James=183
He signed with the Lakers 183 days after his bday on the day leaving 183 days in the year. 

Hahaha...in regards to the Charles Manson narrative....I never noticed that "LeBron James"=261(FB) as well...Recall, LeBron is who compared George Floyd to Colin Kaepernick too...and called Trump a Bum on 9/23...the day Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling and so on...
The number 183 in regards to the George Floyd narrative reminds me of the "Minnesota Twins"=183. 
He will be released 195 days before Michael's bday in 2024. 
Minnesota Twins=195
This number important also important to the Charles Manson narrative. 

Michael Jordan was also important to baseball, because after his father died, he started playing baseball. 

I should point out that the Houston Rockets won the NBA Finals the season after James Jordan died too. 

With the End Date it will be 196 days..
Larry Demery=196(FB)
James Jordan=218(FB) 
8/6 is the 218th day. 

Today is also 18/8...
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=188

Is it not interesting that I randomly documented about Sirius a few nights ago, and also the date of 8/6? Plus Michael Jordan was known to Gamble...which reminds me of the Casino thing I mentioned recently too. 

James Jordan died age 56 and 5 months 6 days after Michael's bday. 

In 2023, Michael will be 59 years old. 
Michael Jordan=59

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  1. Jordan was born 23 days into a Rabbit Year 1963. 2023 also a Rabbit Year.