Monday, August 31, 2020

Cliff Robinson's nickname "Uncle Cliffy" and the synchronicity I had last night with Briar CLIFF

A few extra things in regards to Cliff Robinson dying...
He was an all star only in the year 94', when the Rockets won the Finals. 
He also apparently had the nickname "Uncle Cliffy". 
Uncle Cliffy=53, 116
He died age 53 just before the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Portland Trailblazers. 
Los Angeles=53

The name Uncle Cliffy also reminds me of what I documented about last year with the Cliff theme. Remember I documented about a Cliff theme and then went to work and my co-worker gave me "Cliffy's" Salsa. 

Also, after I got home from the Zoo yesterday my cousin Timmy called me. I haven't been to their house for a good amount of time, but he told me to come over and drink some beers. Later last night their old babysitter stopped over as she is back from college. She was telling us how she goes to Briar CLIFF and it's a Catholic school but she isn't Catholic. They have to take some class about Francis of Assisi though as it's required....anyway remember how the Cliff theme involved Briar Cliff and a student dying from falling off a Cliff last year too? 

Abbie Miller=261(FB) and 183(Jewish)(The Babysitter)
Charles Manson=261(FB)

My cousin Timmy is also a big piece to the Houston Rockets narrative lol so it's ridiculous how these things happen. 

In regards to Stormin Norman from the last post friend Norm got his nickname "Norm" partially based on Cheers....Norm and Cliff...


  1. Random...
    Saturday I discovered your blog while looking at the numerology in Chadwick's passing. Today I mistakenly click on the tab for your blog and see this post...
    I kid you not, my twitter handle includes @cliff.... Years ago I gave myself the nickname "Cliffy"... Short for Clifford the Dog (personal).
    May be nothing, but definitely weird for me to say the least.

  2. Dan, William Byron #24 won his 1st race, at 22 years 9 months 1 day old, Jeff Gordon won his 1st race at 22 years 9 months 25 days old. 24 day difference. #24, Byron won in his 98th start, 98 days from Kobe Bryant's coming birthday. Only the second driver to win in the #24 car, to Jeff Gordon.

  3. And Zach said today his best friend growing up was named Norman. And he used to call him Stormin Norman.