Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Leon Bridges sings song "Sweeter" at the DNC-Jeff Bridges and 2017 Bridge Theme

This is interesting that they would have Leon Bridges sing at the opening night of the DNC. 
Notice the song "Sweeter" was in honor of George Floyd who died in Minneapolis.....the Eagles won the Super Bowl in Minneapolis in connection to the "Bridge Theme". 

It's also interesting because Jeff Bridges was a big piece to the Bridge theme, and his middle name is "Leon"....Jeffrey Leon Bridges....
This story came a span of 110 days before his bday. 
Leon Bridges=110
Once again, this reminds me of 2017...Fat Comedians...Vegas Attack..Ralphie May's death...

Ralphie May was super important to Houston....
Notice Leon Bridge's bday is 7/13...which was the 195th day of the year in 2020
Houston in the 713 area code...
Houston Texas=195
Ralph Duren May=195
India=195(Kamala Harris)

Leon Bridges=239(FB)
The 52nd prime is 239. 
Super Bowl 52....
Trump calling out the Kneeling on 23/9. 
So on...

Leon Bridges=56 and 187 and 312(Jewish)
Society of Jesus=56, 187.....312 a Jesuit number as well...
He sang at the DNC 35 days after his bday..

I have to sleep, but I will think more about this at work tomorrow. 

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