Friday, August 21, 2020

Chi Chi DeVayne of RuPaul's Drag Race dies age 34

Chi Chi DeVayne=89
This death comes 89 days before RuPaul's birthday. 

Chi Chi DeVayne=116
Zavion Michael Davenport=116

Died 35 days before his 35th bday....

The name Zavion and dying age 34 also stands out to me...
Remember Zaevion Dobson was important to the number 34 too. Also important to Carmelo Anthony....

Chi Chi DeVayne=64
Although, I guess this doesn't technically apply, it's still interesting. 
In light of Zaevion Dobson to this idea too...
Zaevion Dobson=64 
He died 172 days after his bday...
Transgender=64 and 172

Zaevion also born on 6/28....a date I have been following in relation to Umbrella symbolism and 186. 


  1. 8.20.2020...

    104th Running of INDY 500

    Died 3 days [8.23.2020] before the INDY 500 presented by GainBRIDGE.


    Drag RACE....
    DRAG...4917...9 147....9 12
    Drag Car....

    Gentleman start your engine, and may the best Woman win.


    4th Pole....#21.....RINUS VEEKAY

    Lots of coding around Andretti.

    I also like SPENCER PIGOT.

    Note Tony Keenan #14 is a former winner and born same year as Trump.

    Bubba Wallace pulled the Race CarD in his Race Race Car.

    Race Car same word forward an backward.

    Goodyear boycott and Trump.

    Goodyear Blimp always flys over Races.

    Goodyear is the main tire of IndyCar.

    [Pigot...12th pole #45]

    Logo is Hermes/Mercury.

    Mercury/Hermes is the MESSENGER.

    Logo is Blue and Yellow....

  2. Correct Kennan born in 74'.
    Sorry read it backward.

  3. WOMAN 69 24
    VEEKAY 69 24

    SONAX 73 19 62 26
    FLOYD 62 26 73 19