Monday, August 31, 2020

Diana Taurasi scores 34 points on Kobe's bday-Random Facebook post that sycns to Charles Manson numbers

I just went to Facebook and saw a post about WNBA player Diana Taurasi wearing a Kobe jersey and scoring 34 points on Kobe's bday....
Remember Kobe's death is super important to the number 34.
Kayla DeRusse=183 and 261(FB)
Dianna Lorena Taurasi=183 and 261(FB)
Phoenix Mercury=194
Charles Manson=261(FB) and 194(FB)
Mike Zollman=183(FB)

The Lakers 34th game this season was against the Phoenix Suns too..
Taurasi plays for Phoenix...

Phoenix Mercury=194

Unbelievable haha. 

They were playing the Washington Mystics. 
Washington Mystics=95
Los Angeles Lakers=95
White Mamba=95
Kobe Bean Bryant=81

LeBron James=183

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