Sunday, August 30, 2020

The NBA 'Wildcat' Strike in relation to Lute Olson and Chadwick Boseman dying

The NBA strike was actually called a "WILDCAT Strike". 
This makes a lot more sense as to why Lute Olson died. He is known for coaching the Arizona Wildcats...
Arizona Wildcats=282(FB) also 175, 95
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175 and 95

Think about Wildcat in relation to the Tiger theme too...

Also think how Chadwick Boseman died on 8/28....the guy in the film "Black Panther"...another Wildcat.
Also think how the NBA strike happened in connection to Colin Kaepernick...who took a knee after the Black Panther lost in SB 50. 

I think it's funny that I went to the Zoo yesterday too in relation to this theme. We had this day planned for a long time too, so it just so happened to be perfect timing. 

Going out on a limb here, but the first thing I think of in regards to the Arizona Wildcats is the film "Speed". There is a scene where Keanu figures out the bomber can see Sandra Bullock because of her Arizona Wildcats shirt. 

Keanu Reeves=126
Big number with Kobe. 

Chadwick Boseman dies of colon cancer 93 days before his bday. He also died 194 days after the anniversary of Black Panther coming out. 
Colon Cancer=194 and 59
Chadwick Boseman=59
Slave=59=Negro= So on...
Martin Luther King Jr=93
Boseman died on the anniversary of MLK's I have a Dream Speech. 
Malcolm X=93
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
The NBA Strike happened on the anniversary of Kaepernick kneeling which was 93 days after George Floyd died. 
Minneapolis Minnesota=93
Black History Month=93(Month that Black Panther came out)
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks=93 and 282(Charles Manson)
Not sure if it's connected still lol, but think about Speed being about a bomb on a BUS. 

Chadwick Boseman also dies on Jackie Robinson Day in the 2020 MLB season. He is also known for portraying Jackie Robinson in the film "42"....remember Rosa Parks died exactly 33 years after Jackie Robinson on 10/24. There is something to this date as well. It's important to the Umbrella symbolism/Darren Daulton stuff I have previously mentioned...
Jackie Robinson also died in Stamford, CT, which is important to the MARATHON Symbolism. 

Boseman also portrayed Thurgood Marshall in film...

Notice the film "42" came out the same day that Kobe Bryant tore his achilles too. Also the anniversary of the Civil War beginning. Also the day Luke Walton stepped down as coach and then became coach of the Sacramento KINGS. 
Jackie Robinson played in the Negro leagues for the Kansas City MONARCHS. 
Jackie Robinson's first MLB game was against the Boston Braves....think Jacob Blake...Milwaukee Braves/Atlanta Braves...who last won in 1995 just after the Rockets won the NBA Finals. 

Chadwick Boseman's birthday of 11/29 is also interesting considering that is the day Kobe Bryant announced his retirement. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
The NBA Finals=213
Black Panther=213
Black History Month=213
Kobe's final game was 213 days after Moses Malone died. 
Los Angeles has the 213 area code. 

Michael B. Jordan is the other star in Black Panther...
Kobe/Michael Jordan/LeBron...

Michael B Jordan is also in CREED which came out on Thanksgiving...remember the Rocky Films are important to Mike Tyson's fight is now moved to Thanksgiving weekend...only thinking about this considering Chadwick Boseman's bday a few days after Thanksgiving. 

Chadwick Boseman=183(FB)
LeBron James=183
Signed with the Lakers 183 days after his bday on the day leaving 183 days in the year. 
Mike Tyson=183(FB)
Stormin Norman=183(Boseman's name in 'Da 5 Bloods")
This interests me because my friend Norm, who I have called "Stormin Norman" forever was important to the Rockets/Batman symbolism. The Rockets narrative in 2015 was important to "KING" symbolism as well with Isaiah Thomas, who played for the Boston Celtics at the time. 
Corona is all about the Royal symbolism...Kobe important to Corona....the Jesuits important to King James..

Charles Manson/Prince Charles...Cavaliers important to King Charles..

Prince Charles=183(FB)
Prince Charles is currently 71 years old....Diana was born on 7/1...recall all of the 71 and 717 around the Diana/Elizabeth/Charles...
Plus "Catholic"=71
7/1 is the day LeBron signed with the Lakers. 
After King James died, his son Charles became the King. 

The writers of Black Panther were Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. 
Notice Stan Lee died on Charles Manson's bday in 2018.
Stan Lee=261(Jewish)
Charles Manson=261(FB)
LeBron James=261(FB)
So on.. 
Also notice Jack Kirby's nickname is "The KING". 
Notice Kirby died on the Queen Elizabeth II's anniversary of being the Queen. 
Further notice Chadwick Boseman died on Jack Kirby's bday. 
Kirby died 5 months 9 days after his bday. 

Notice how Boseman died 76 days before 11/12 too. 
Jack Kirby died age 76. 
Stan Lee=76
Houston Rockets=76
Notice the Twins and Astros games were both postponed the same day Chadwick dies too. Makes me think of the 2017 narrative. 

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