Saturday, August 29, 2020

Cliff Robinson dead-Cliff theme

CLIFF Robinson dies now?
Remember how I blogged about a cliff theme on Kobes bday/Jacob Blake's death?

Cliff Robinson=194(FB) and 261(FB)

Look at the gematria of his name...the exact numbers I've been saying are important lol.

Clifford Ralph Robinson=234
Orlando Florida=234
Russell Westbrook=234

He dies 257 days after his bday and 109 before.
Los Angeles Lakers=257
Los Angeles=109

I'm at the zoo right now, but I'm sure there's more importance to this story.


  1. Dan I can't find Cliff Robinson = 194 or 261 FB I see it in FB as 168 RFB = 235 Am I missing something? Thanks for your dilligence.

    1. FB numbers will change based on word placement, capital letters
      Cliff Robinson = 194 Francis Bacon
      No version = 261