Sunday, August 30, 2020

Simple Truth TV interview I did on 3/1 in connection to the Celtics/Rockets/Kemba Walker/Charles Manson

I just watched a Simple Truth TV video and he is still on the Boston Celtics, with a lot of emphasis on Kemba Walker. I honestly can't disagree because the 2017 Rockets narrative I am talking about involved Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics. Recall the Celtics beat the Rockets in the 81' and 86' NBA Finals too. 
Simple Truth TV blog Post and the Video I did with him on 3/1
Recall that I was talking a lot about the number 195 back then and then when I did a Livestream with Simple Truth he was telling me about the Boston Celtics...
Boston Celtics=195
Kemba Walker=195
The night before the video the Rockets beat the Celtics 111-110 getting their 39th win of the season. 
Kemba Walker=39
We did a video on 3/1. 
The NBA Finals=111

Notice Kemba Walker's bday is 195 days before Charles Manson's death date too. 
Kemba Hudley Walker=282
Charles Manson=282(FB)
The NBA Bubble began 282 days after the season began...Also 2 years 8 months 2 days after Trump called out the Kneeling. 

Notice how the NBA bubble also began 282 days before Kemba Walker's bday, which is also Mike D'Antoni's bday. 
Mike D'Antoni was the coach of the Lakers when Kobe tore his achilles...then Lakers finished the season beating Houston and getting the 7th seed in the playoffs with the same record as Houston who was the 8th seed. Dwight Howard then left and went to Houston....then Mike D'Antoni started coaching the Rockets after Kobe retired....
The coach of the Rockets when Kobe tore his achilles was Kevin McHale, known for playing with the Boston Celtics. 
Kevin McHale=194
Charles Manson=194(FB)

So I'm writing this while in bed with my son. He is watching Peppa Pig and out of nowhere I hear the dad say "Helter Skelter"....apparently there is a theme park on Peppa Pig called "Helter Skelter Theme Park" lol. The guide said it was season 3 episode 11 (Polly's Boat Ride), but I just found it online it's not the same episode...or I somehow missed it as I skimmed through the episode..

Helter Skelter....Pigs...Charles Manson..

I saw this article today too...Elon Musk putting an implant in a PIG. 

I didn't feel like re-typing some of this. 

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