Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sirius the first thing that came up when I turned on a Star App

I meant to post this days ago, but I forgot. A girl at work was showing me an app she had that showed you the stars and such so it could help you find them in the sky. 

I couldn't find the same app she had, so I just downloaded a similar app....when I turned it on the first thing it showed I was facing was the dogstar Sirius. Keep in mind I was inside at work during the day when I turned it on, so I wasn't aware of anything in the sky beforehand. 

I just find it funny this happens during the Dog Days of Summer on 8/5....

I'm sure there is more to this that I don't see, but I wanted to document it because I feel like it's important. 


  1. Robert Trump died on the day of a Moon Sirius conjunction. It happened last night.

  2. When Duda visited the White House he was 595 lunar months old. Sirius = 595 greek isopesphy. Duda was born on the day of a Moon Sirius conjunction. Osama bin Laden turned 595 lunar sidereal months old on 9/11