Monday, August 3, 2020

Jonathan Isaac tears ACL after not taking a KNEE

I'm at work and went to ESPN to see this article lol....what a joke...the guy who wouldn't take a knee now gets his knee taken..
It reminds me when Jimmy G injured his knee on 23/ 2018.
I'm sure there is a Bible riddle with his name being...Jonathan Judah Isaac......JJ theme possibly...
It happened against the Kings..who are important to the Rockets/Lakers symbolism...
Jonathan Isaac=82
This happened on 8/2
He also injured his knee and missed 31 games earlier this year against Washington....reminds me of Trump

In regards to "JJ" I took this screenshot the other day too, because Yahoo had a headline article about JJ Redick. He was talking trash on Trump about Kneeling....just below was the article about Jonathan Judah Isaac standing...JJ....

It's interesting as the JJ Theme began in 2016, which is the same year Kaepernick originally took a knee. 

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