Sunday, August 16, 2020

Cannon Hinnant killed by Neighbor-Charles Manson-Lakers/Rockets/Kings narrative

Cannon Hinnant supposedly got killed by a black guy and the media barely reported on it and so know the drill of programming and keeping people arguing and divided....
Cannon Hinnant=60
He died on the 102nd day of being 5 years old. 
Nigger=60 and 102 and 42
Nine=42...he was shot on the 9th
February=42 on..

Darius Sessoms=181 and 89 and 222(FB)
The 42nd prime number is 181
He killed the boy on 8/9. 
Cannon Blake Hinnant=98....8/9...9/8
8/9 the 222nd day in 2020. 

This killing happened 76 days after the George Floyd Hoax. 

Remember George Floyd was compared to Michael Brown too...and Michael Brown's shooting was on 8/9. 

I wonder if it has something to do with the word Race?


The story doesn't even make sense...the boys dad ate supper with the shooter the night before...then he supposedly shoots the kid the next day? 

The name "Cannon" is also interesting in regards to the Pirate theme I've talked about...
He died a span of 42 days before "Talk like a Pirate Day"..

Also in regards to this we got a story about the Reds vs Pirates games being postponed due to coronvirus..
Both of these teams have been connected to the Cubs symbolism I have shown over the years...especially with the number 114. 
This story comes on the same day the Cubs lose to the Brewers 5-6. 

There's also something important to the number 25 in the Cannon Hinnant story....The shooter was 25 years old...
Notice how Cannon's 5th bday was 25 days before George Floyd was killed on the 25th of May...5/25....5th bday 25 days before...
Helter Skelter Theory=525(FB)
Floyd killed 5 months 25 days before the anniversary which was 5 months 25 days before the anniversary of Charles Manson dying..
Recall the famous Tate Murders were on the date of 8/9 too. 
8/9 is 102 days before Charles Manson died in 2017. 

Sessom's court date is the 25th of August. 

Never Learn Not to Love=252(Beach Boys song by Manson) also 261
Charles Manson=261(FB)
Colin Rand Kaepernick=261(FB)

Is it not interesting the Rockets beat the Lakers and then the Kings before losing out the season to stay on 44 wins? 
I've talked about how they are related to the Lakers and Kings for years...
Remember how Westbrook and Harden are synced to Charles Manson...they last won a game on 8/9 against the Kings..
Recall Portland was part of the reason I thought LeBron would get injured in connection to the number 34 as well. 
Now the Lakers are playing Portland...who Russell Westbrook got injured against..
Remember Chris Paul also had to fake a hamstring injury in 2018 when the Rockets were up 3-2 on the Westbrook injures his Quad...

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