Sunday, August 23, 2020

Reggie Miller Wendy's commercial during the NBA Games-Charles Manson-Houston Rockets

For the life of me I cannot find the new Reggie Miller "Wendy's" Commercial, but it played about 100 times while watching the Lakers game and the Rockets game yesterday on my phone. 
He makes sure to tell us that he scored 8 points in 9 seconds on the episode. It's technically 8 points in 8.9 seconds too....
This reminds me of Charles Manson and the 8/9 Tate Murders.

I also want to note that his 8 points in 9 seconds came in the 1995 NBA playoffs over the Knicks. 
This was the year the Rockets won the NBA Finals over Orlando..after beating the Knicks the previous year. 

King James=89
Indiana Pacers=114
LeBron James=114

NBA Bubble=286(FB)
Orlando Florida=286(FB)

Walt Disney World=282(FB)
Charles Manson=282(FB)
The NBA resumed in Walt Disney World 282 days after the season originally began on 10/22/2019. 
George Floyd killed 2 year 8 months 2 days after Trump called out the kneeling.
Children of the Corn=282(FB)

The NBA resumed 261 days after Charles Manson and Russell Westbrook's bday. 
Charles Manson=261(FB)
Colin Rand Kaepernick=261(FB)
LeBron James=261(FB)
Russell Westbrook III=261

Disney + launched on Westbrooks 31st bday..(Houston)(Disney)

261 the TWINS number...George Floyd/Wendy's important to the Twins symbolism. 

I'm looking back at some of my blog posts over the last few months and a ton of them actually have connections to this same narrative too...
For example the Lyda Krewson story in St. Louis....her husband was stabbed in the neck in 1995...

I had the synchronicity with the Celtic Cross when I went to Facebook and saw a post by Stewart Smith....his bdays is 11/19...the day Charles Manson died. 

Has to be connected to the Golden State Killer being sentenced to life a few days ago too....He is 74 years old. 

Remember last year too I got a copyright claim on my Hairspray/Baltimore video, the day before Nancy Pelosi's brother died....then we had Larry Johnson sharing gematria...and his bday was the day Charles Manson died....the Baltimore Ravens are the Black bird....but around this time I was also mentioning a lot to do with Batman and Suicide Squad.....well...the actress who plays Harley Quinn also plays Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood....remember how the Batman narrative was showing me the Iowa State Fair and Slipknot....Plus it was showing the Moon landing.....The Tate Murders were just after the Moon landing in 1969....The LaBianca murders were on 8/10...the same day Slipknot played at the Iowa State Fair too. 
So all of the Batman narrative is linked to what I am talking about with Charles Manson....


  1. I was off on my Indy Drivers.

    However, #30 won.

    I thought 9.

    HOOSIER David Letterman Team won.

    Born 60 days before Trump.

    #45 crash on Lap 144.

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  3. 153 Fish

    4 drachmas.

    12 Disciples 1 Judas 1 Jesus.
    13 + 1.....1 13

    Hurricane Theory

    2 Tropical Storms/Hurricane

    LA Clippers
    LA Lakers

    Clipper is a ship.

    In between

    HOUSTON Rockets

    Rock It...the Boat?

    Rock et....Small Rock...

    Small Ball....

    COVID 19.....small ball.

  4. Wendys

    4 for $4

    4 4 4.....


    Elton John...







  5. This proves as much as common structures in evolution.