Friday, August 21, 2020

Ron Rivera has cancer-Washington Football Team Name Change-Racism/Kneeling narrative

Ron Rivera, the former Carolina Panthers coach is now the coach of the Washington Redskins. They changed their name due to the George Floyd protests....of course the Panthers were in Super Bowl 50 in which the major racism narrative began in the NFL....then Kaepernick took a knee later that year....
Of course, Alex Smith is the QB of the Washington Football Team and he was just cleared to play again. He is known for his QB controversy with Colin Kaepernick's just so retarded. 
The Washington Football Team is opening up the Season against the Eagles, who won SB 52 after Trump called out the Kneeling. 
The Redskins announced they were changing their name 1 month 13 days before Kaepernick originally took a knee, and 113 days before his bday on 11/3....also election day. 
Think about it...
Washington....President...White House...Trump...
Name Change? 

The announcement they were changing the name came 130 days before Joe Biden's bday. 

Now Ron Rivera has cancer...

This story comes 140 days before Ron Rivera's bday. 

Squamous Cell Cancer=67 and 202
Football Team=67 and 202


  1. So.... I just experienced a new symptom of sleep paralysis supposedly. My body was vibrating. My awareness was that I was sleeping where I am and I hopped up and ran to the other room. But when I actually woke up I was where I was originally sleeping. Happened about 4:40 this morning

  2. Do you do a blog or have a facebook? I'd like to follow more on the skyclock side of this reality and you have a good grip on it. Thanks for you works.