Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Rock buys the XFL for $15 Million-Death of Rocky Johnson on the 15th day of 2020-Kobe Bryant-Jesuits-2017

The Rock buys the XFL for 15 million? 

Remember that the Rock's Father died on the 15th day of 2020, which was Shane McMahon's bday too. The Rock's father was born on 8/24, which was Vince McMahon's bday. 

8/24 was also the day Andrew Luck retired from the NFL, and Oliver Luck was the commissioner of the XFL. 

8 24 is Kobe's numbers. 

8/24 was also the last time the Chiefs and 49ers played before Super Bowl 54. 

8/24 was also 8/11 on the Julian Calendar. 

Today is 8/3..
His father died 201 days before this story too. 
The big Jesuit number this year...
The Rock=35 and 132(FB)
Catholic Church=132
The Rock's bday is 5/2 or the 122nd day..
Pope Francis=122

I swear last night I was wrote about my Allen Iverson video being removed from YouTube too. In my post about Allen Iverson I talked about the film "Jumanji" with the Rock in regards to "The Matrix"...Artificial Intelligence...so funny we get a story about the Rock today. I wonder if we will see a Ronda Rousey story soon....Her and the Rock are important to the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism that was synced to Super Bowl 52....which is why I think we got the story about Eagles coach Doug Pederson having coronavirus on 8/2 too. This news comes on 8/3, but it happened on 8/2. The Rock is synced up to San Francisco/Golden Gate Bridge, which is where Kaepernick originally took a knee too. 

The Kneeling is important to 9/23 or 23/9, which is also important to Pope Francis' visit to the US...the Jesuit Pope. 

Remember Shane McMahon was in a helicopter crash the summer before SB 52 as well...Kobe dies in a helicopter...

The first reported case of Coronavirus came from a man 35 year old man who arrived home from Wuhan on 1/15 too. 

We also have Summer Slam 33 coming up on Kobe Bryant's birthday. It still hasn't been announced where it will be held though. 

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