Friday, August 28, 2020

Marques Houston from 'Sister Sister' marries 19 year old girlfriend-Freddy Krueger Narrative-Twins-Houston

This story was on my CNN stories too. 
Marques Houston from "Sister Sister" married his 19 year old girlfriend. 
The show Sister Sister is about TWINS and think about Marques HOUSTON. 

I also remember him in the group "Immature" and the song "I will never Lie Again".....
His nickname is Marques "BATMAN" Houston...
Think how Batman was important to China/Rockets. 
Batman=261(Satanic) and 39
Marques is 39 years old. 

Miya Dickey=208(FB)
I have been seeing a ton of 208 lately, especially with Jacob Blake. 
It makes me think how Slipknot's All Hope is Gone came out on 20/8 too. 
Even the address of Rose Thompson from yesterday was 208 something...
Ellen DeGeneres=208(FB)(Rosie O'Donnell story)

Tia and Tamera Mowry=201
They are currently 42 years old...

I think in relation to my last post I am supposed to see something with Freddy Krueger. On Marques Houston's IMDB it says he is in Freddy Vs. Jason, but I am almost positive he is not in that film. I can't even find his name when I click on the Freddy Vs. Jason IMDB page, nor is it on Wikipedia or anything else. 

We are coming up on the 244th day, which is Princess Diana's anniversary of dying..
King Charles III=244
Kanye West=244(FB)
Charlie Manson...Prince Charles...

Alice Johnson was commuted on Robert Englund's bday in 2018. 
Alice Johnson is a survivor of Freddy Krueger in the films and she's in Freddy Vs Jason in archive footage....

Notice the article about Marques Houston is where I saw the story about the VMA's being held outside. 

Recall John Saxon died just after Taylor Swift released her new album too. 

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