Thursday, August 27, 2020

NBA Games boycotted due to Jacob Blake-Kenny Smith also boycotts-2017 Info-The Price is Right-194

I said in my video last night that I expected today to be very important in regards to the Charles Manson/Rockets narrative. 
The NBA decided to boycott the games today...well the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted and the other teams followed. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin=261
Milwaukee Bucks=208(FB)
Jacob Blake=208

Notice the only announcer to boycott was Kenny Smith. Of course he is a famous Houston Rocket and was on the championship teams in 94 and 94' for the Rockets. 

Notice how today is 194 days before his bday? can't make this stuff up. 

Houston Texas=62
Jacob Blake=62

Hurricane Laura is also going to hit pretty close to Houston as well. 
Lake Charles? 
Charles Manson? 
Jacob B Lake? 
Just thinking about the possibility...

Remember Kenny Smith's mother died in 2017 too. I've been saying that 2017 is synced up to this year. 
Annie Mae Smith=59
Annie Smith=59
Houston Rockets=59

Kenny Smith's ex-wife was also a model on The Price is Right, but she quit just after the Las Vegas attack in 2017. What are the odds? 

She announced she was leaving the show 174 days after Kenny Smith's mother died. 
The Price is Right=174 and 87..
Notice her bday is 8/7. 

Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith=2020(Jewish) and 102
She's currently 42 years old....we know why that's important to black people. 
Nigger=42 and 102

It's interesting too that in my old post about Kenny's mother dying, I wrote that Ernie Johnson read the tribute Kenny wrote for his mother. In the article today about Kenny boycotting, it tells us that Ernie Johnson told him that he respected his decision. 
Notice Ernie Johnson has the same birthday as Kenny's ex-wife. 
Ernie Johnson is also from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

I also noted in that old post how it was important to Isaiah Thomas/Kings....Kenny Smith drafted by the KINGS....Thomas played for the Celtics at the time though....and Charles Barkely was under fire for comments about Isaiah Thomas crying before the game. 
Ernie Johnson=146
Kenneth Smith=146
The Jet=146(FB)
Colin Kaepernick=146

Kyle Rittenhouse=198
Keosha Wisconsin=198
Ernie Johnson=198(FB)
Kenneth Smith=198(FB)
Colin Kaepernick=198(FB)
Russell Westbrook=198

Ernie Johnson Jr=282(FB) and 174
The Price is Right=174
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Ernest Thorwald Johnson Jr=316
Charles Milles Maddox=316
Charles Manson was born on the 316th day and died 3 months 16 days after the Tate Murder anniversary. 

Ha, I'm so confused why Ernie Johnson is important in the narrative, but he connects like crazy with the numbers....

So I'm looking at Ernie Johnson and the first thing I see is that his father played for the Atlanta Braves. First off, the Atlanta Braves were originally from Milwaukee so it fits right in with the narrative. Second, for whatever the reason it made me think about a friend from High School who was an Atlanta Braves fan. It was really random that I would think of her for a second, but I think it was because earlier while looking at Hurricane Laura, I started thinking how my friend Norm's brother lives in Houston. My friend Norm used to date the Atlanta Braves fan I was thinking of named Lisa Brasel. As I'm reading more about Ernie Johnson, I see he lives in Braselton, Georgia. 
Lisa Brasel=194(FB)
Remember in 2017 I blogged about this girls brother Clark and the connection to the Jesuit anniversary too. 
I should point out that the Braves last won the World Series in 1995 just after the Rockets won the NBA Finals. 
I'm not gonna lie either, Lisa Brasel has always made me think about Lisa Simpson, because her brother Clark looks similar to Millhouse. 
Clark Brasel=195
Minnesota Twins=195
Houston Texas=195(FB)

In light of the racism narrative I should point out that Clark and his wife also have two adopted kids that are black. 
Clark's wife got her Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee too. 
Lisa's birthday is 8/23...Kobe's bday. 

Of course, these games being boycotted is now giving Russell Westbrook more time to rest too. 

EdRod also pointed out that Jacob in the bible had a TWIN brother. 
If you look up the word Blake it says it means Black, or it can also mean the reverse of Pale, White....Think about that in regards to coming together over racism....Michael doesn't matter if you're black or white. 

Colin Kaepernick=516(FB)
Janet Jackson born on 5/16. 
This number was important last year with this narrative too. 

I'm not sure if this is true yet as I don't see it anywhere else online...but this website shows Jacob Blake's bday is 4/30....if so think how this is connected to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Twins....Cannon Hinnant in connection to George Floyd and 525 Helter Skelter. 
This would also mean he was shot 250 days before his bday..
Kenosha Wisconsin=250(FB)

It's also a span of 251 days...
251 is the 54th prime number. 
He was shot on Kobe's bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Rusten Sheskey=54(Cop)

Kenosha Wisconsin=234
Orlando Florida=234
Russell Westbrook=234, 198 and 250(FB)

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