Sunday, August 23, 2020

JoJo Siwa story next to the 194 stories from Yesterday-Charles Manson-Nick Cannon-Eminem-The Batman Trailer

So I missed something yesterday in connection to the 194 Headlines....Notice the story that says "YouTube star is unrecognizable"...well that star is JoJo Siwa. 
JoJo Siwa=102 and 114
James Charles=114(Interesting Charles)
Mariah Carey=102
Helter Skelter Theory=102

If you go back and look at my post about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at the end of 2019 I also mentioned JoJo Siwa. She was a co-host with Nick Cannon on "Lip Sync shorties".....recall that I first figured out the Charles Manson narrative because Mariah Carey lip sang on New Years Eve 2016. This is why it was important we had a story about Celebrities lip singing tributes to Mariah Carey around Christmas time in 2019. It was just a tribute and not making fun of her New Years Eve performance either. 

It's funny as Miley Cyrus has been in the news a bunch lately too...Breakup...Grandma dying...Midnight Sky song.....remember JoJo Siwa is basically the new Hannah Montana....JoJo Siwa played at Mandalay Bay last year on 8/10 reminding us of the Vegas Attack. 
Miley Cyrus important to Disney who released Disney + on Charles Manson's bday...

The Vegas Attack was just before Charles Manson died. 
Mariah Carey was important to Drew Carey and the Price is Right before the Vegas Attack in 2017. 

Nick Cannon=194(FB) haha perfect. and 282(FB)
Charles Manson=282(FB) and 194(FB)

What else is funny is that in my above post I referred to the show as "Lip Sync Shorties", but I must have accidentally omitted the word "Battle"...
Lip Sync Shorties=194

This is also why they death hoaxed Eminem on 8/18 too with the #RIPEminem...
For one it's Roman Polanski's bday...
For two...Nick Cannon released a diss track to Eminem in December 2019....The whole beef with Nick Cannon and Eminem began years ago when Nick Cannon first married Mariah Carey and Eminem did a song talking about her. 

Remember Eminem also talked about the Manchester Arena attack in an album dropped the same day as Mac Miller's "Circles" came out...The Manchester Arena bombing was in 2017 a few months before the Vegas Attacks...This is why Mike Tyson's fight with Roy Jones Jr. is important too. 
Although they moved the date to Thanksgiving Weekend...which is even more interesting considering the TIGER Theme and Rocky's(Eye of the Tiger) importance to Thanksgiving. Nick Cannon also important to the Tiger theme. 
Eminem also reference the Manson family on this albums song called, "Little Engine". 

I doubt it's a coincidence they just released the trailer for "The Batman" either. 
Notice it's now set to come out on the anniversary of the Vegas shoooting. 
Remember how all of this was important to last year in relation to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Slipknot, Trolls, 5/16. 


Melania Trump=195(FB)
Serial Killers=201

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