Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mariah Careys New Album and Charles Manson Twin narrative

Really, Mariah Carey is releasing a new album on 10/2?
Mariah Carey=102
Recall, she was in the news 102 days before her bday too because of her All I Want For Christmas album. 
Helter Skelter Theory=102
I recently blogged the importance of Nick Cannon being fired and the connection to Mariah Carey.  Now she's releasing a new album..
The album is coming out 5 months 25 days after her bday.
Helter Skelter Theory=525
George Floyd killed on 5/25, which is 5 months 25 days before Charles Manson died.
Makes more sense why Cannon Hinnant died age 5 and 25 days before George Floyd too.
It makes even more sense when u see that Nick Cannon and Mariah Careys Twins were born the same day as Cannon Hinnant.

It's just unbelievable that people around me still think this is nonsense, when it literally proves itself over and over. 
Their bdays are also 5 months 2 days before 10/2.
Charles Manson=52

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  1. 210 was big with george floyd. Died 210 days to the winter solstice/great conjunction. Taurus the 2nd sign represents the neck and Capricorn the 10th sign represents the knees. Floyd died of a knee on his neck 10 and 2. Scorpio begins at 210 degrees of the ecliptic.