Sunday, August 23, 2020

Slipknot misspells Gematria as Gemaria-Charles Manson Theme 194 and Synchronicity

Yesterday Zenith asked me if I knew anything about Slipknot's "Gematria: The Killing Name" on Youtube using a picture that says "Gemaria" instead of Gematria. 

I wrote a bunch about the number 194 in response as this song is for sure connected to Paul Gray of Slipknot's death. 

I then went to the bar around 11:30 last night and there was a younger kid there asking me about the band "The Toadies"...we then got on the conversation of how different the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in their early days compared to their newer stuff. 
Now today I see a story of former Red Hot Chili Pepper, Jack Sherman died. 

Jack Sherman=194

Notice the story right next to it about the 194 year old Tree too. 

I'm not sure what 194 light of the Jesuit's interesting the word "Catholic"=194(Jewish)

Haha...nevermind...I see what it is..

Charles Manson=194(FB)
Manson Family=194(FB)

What's really interesting about this is that in 2017 Zenith was helping me a lot with the Charles Manson narrative....He is also the person who helped me see the importance of Francis Bacon Gematria....

I highly doubt it's a coincidence that Jack Sherman died on Roman Polanski's bday either....Remember earlier in 2020 Roman Polanski won a "Cesar" 194 days after his bday...
The Cesars=194(FB)

Interesting the Rockets lost today too...and I've mentioned they are connected to this narrative...

James Harden=194(FB)

Recall that Children of the Corn was important to this narrative as well....I even mentioned how the band KORN was connected after they released "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" cover.....I know this is important at some level because Korn is from Bakersfield, California, which is where Charles Manson died. 

Remember I saw Korn in Des Moines...where Slipknot is from...

Iowa State Fair=282(FB)
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Children of the Corn=282

The Iowa State Fair is currently going on...but ends after tomorrow on 8/23. 

Would you believe that the opening track of Slipknot's 1st Album is a sample from a documentary about Charles Manson? 
Remember last year Slipknot released an album on 8/9 too...the anniversary of the Tate Murders...

Notice the Gemaria video above was put on YouTube on 11/12, which was Charles Manson's birthday. This means that Paul Gray died 194 days after Charles Manson's birthday too. Paul Gray was the Pig....Charles Manson/Piggies/Pigs

I swear this is why Lori Loughlin was just sentenced for the college admissions thing too....remember the creator of Full House Jeff Franklin owns the house located where the Tate murder house used to be. Plus Uncle Jesse on the show loves the Beach Boys.....The Beachs 20/20 album important to Charles Manson..

Of course, as I'm writing this up I just randomly looked at the TV and this is what I saw....Helter Skelter: An American Myth on Channel 1558. 

I just went to and of course they have an article about Rose McGowan now....remember she was important to the Marilyn Manson/Charles Manson narrative in 2017 too. It was synced up to Hollywood Pedophilia...which is interesting considering Jeffrey Epstein died the same day Slipknot played at the Iowa State Fair last year. They have now programmed a shitload of people that the Democrats are satanic pedo's too. 
Alyssa Milano is interesting too considering they recently announced they were bringing back "Who's the Boss?". 

Trying to piece together....I wonder if there is a significant event that involves Iowa/or Des Moines soon? The Derecho...Iowa is important to France and China...Probably see more of the same thing I was talking about in 2017 come up in the near future too. 

What else is interesting is that last year I talked a lot about the Julian Calendar being important. Today is 8/22 Gregorian, but 8/9 on the Julian Calendar.....reminding me of the Tate Murders again. 

It's also interesting that Marilyn Manson was born exactly 7 months 4 days before the Tate Murders in 1969. This was just after the Moon landing...
Marilyn born on 1/5 or 5/1 and is currently 51 years old....
Moon=15 and 51
Charles Manson=74 and 142
Gematria=74 and 142
Paul Dedrick Gray=74
Corey Todd Taylor=74
Des Moines, Iowa=74
Think how Slipknot wears MASKS. 

Paul Gray's birthday was 7 months 4 days before Charles Manson's birthday too. 


Corey Taylor's birthday referenced in the song is also Dwight Howard's birthday. 


  1. Corn Moon coming up on September 2nd

  2. BILL.

    491 st PRIME

    41 9.....


    DMB #41

    19 4...
    1+9. 4.

    10 4


    4 is the Door.
    Au 121.

  3. So due to the 194, I looked up 19/4, the 19th of April. Low and behold, Charles Manson was sentenced to life on the 19th of April (4), 1971.

  4. April 19, 1995, Oklahoma bombing...491 is the 94th prime #.