Monday, August 24, 2020

Webcam broke just before I made a Video-Other Random syncs I remembered from my Phone Pics

Well, I planned on making a YouTube video tonight. I went to the garage and got it all set up. I then got up to pee before I started and tripped over the cord somehow, knocking my laptop onto the cement floor. Thankfully my laptop still works, but I've spent the last hour trying to back up my DJ playlists at least just in case....but my webcam usb part is dundee. 
I guess the universe didn't want me making a video on Kobe's bday haha. 

While Looking at pictures on my phone I noticed I forgot to post about some of them. For example on Thursday at work I was thinking about Charles Manson/Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey and then I walked over to put a box away and it said "Morocco" on it. Remember Nick Cannon is important to Morocco. 

On August 19th, I came home from work and the film "Total Recall" was sitting right in front of the door on the floor. It's just funny as I haven't watched a DVD in forever, but this one of all DVD's was on the floor. I had just mentioned Total Recall about a month ago. 

Oh yeah, my daughters Guinea Pig "Oreo" died earlier tonight too. He was running on her bed and just collapsed dead out of nowhere. 

Guinea Pig=53
I wish I could remember when we got him...

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