Thursday, August 13, 2020

Indian actor Kal Penn worked at the White House-Kamala Harris

In light of Kamala Harris being Indian-American..I want to remind myself that actor Kal Penn worked at the White House under Obama. He was important to the INDIAN narrative I have been following, so it's interesting in regards to Vice president...White House....

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  1. Dan. check out Collin Morikawa, winning the PGA Championship. In San Francisco last Sunday. Morikawa is half Japanese, it was the anniversary of the bombing of Japan, at the trophy celebration Collin Morikawa, (The 23 year old from Los Angeles), half Japanese (Kobe), born 2/6, (Kobe died on the 26th), dropping the top of the trophy on the ground when lifting it. As symbolism of dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.