Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hong Kong Tigers are almost extinct story on CNN-Tisha B'Av-China-NASA

There's a story about Tigers and Hong Kong in the CNN headlines right now too. 

It's interesting considering last year Tisha B'Av was so important to World Lion Day....this year Tisha B'Av fell on International Tiger Day....Remember the Hong Kong Riots were the major story during Tisha B'Av last now a story about Tigers and Hong Kong...Of course the Tiger theme is synced to Coronavirus that supposedly began in China too. 

Today is 17 days after International Tiger Day, which was also the anniversary of NASA....recall how China is important to the Space Theme with the Houston Rockets too. 
The 17th prime is 59. 
NASA=17 and 35
Catholic=35 and 46
Hong Kong=91 and 46
So on..

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