Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sharon Stone in the media after I documented about the film "Casino"-Charles Manson Blackbird

Of course Sharon Stone would be in the headlines today after I documented about the film "Casino" a few days ago. I didn't mention her in my post the other day, but I took a screenshot of her and thought about posting that she might be important. I then said ahh screw it...

The reason I thought she may be important is because my old post about the film "Casino" involved Sharon Stone. Plus her bday is 3/10. 
Sharon Stone=201(FB)

Ha, just as I went to check how far away today is from her bday, I looked at the time and of course it's 2:01 right now. This was literally seconds after I typed "Sharon Stone"=201(FB) above. 

Non mask wearer=59
Sharon Stone=59

Not sure when the article actually was put on CNN, but I'm noticing it a span of 5 months 9 days after Sharon Stone's bday. 

The film Casino came out on the anniversary of JFK dying....
John F. Kennedy=59

It just popped into my brain in regards to the Casino too...with as much as I've documented about Charles Manson....the name of the Casino I usually go to is interesting....BLACKBIRD Bend.....the song Black Bird is what Charles Manson believed was telling black people to Rise up....
Think how Charles Manson was important to JFK/Marilyn Manson too....

Tiger=59(Story about his 11 year old above)

Houston Rockets=59
Harden and Westbrook connected to Manson...

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  1. Robert Trump died exactly 117 Venus years old on helical rising of sirius