Thursday, August 27, 2020

Rose Theme-Rosie O'Donnell story about Ellen-194 Year old Lord and Taylor closing-Peach

So yesterday Zenith was telling me about a Rose theme in connection to Charles Manson. I didn't think about it, but I remembered that just after Charlie Manson died we got a story about Charlie Rose and so on, so I knew he was on to something. 
So just before my boss left today, she reminded me that I had to cook some potatoes for the football boys that some old lady left in our freezer on Monday. As I was getting ready to cook them, I realized the lady's name is ROSE Thompson. I honestly didn't know that was her name until today, although I've talked to and seen her countless times. 

Now I'm home and get on the computer and go to Yahoo. Of course they have a story about ROSIE O'Donnell. 

Rosie O'Donnell=194
What are the odds? lol
Roseann O'Donnell=177
Rose Thompson=177

I then went to CNN and they have a story about the 194 year old "Lord and Taylor" store closing. 

This is random, but the first thing I think of with Rosie O'Donnell is the film "A League of Their Own"....remember the last remaining Rockford Peach died earlier this year...
CNN also has a headline story about Peaches being recalled right now.....It stands out even more so, because the potatos I cooked earlier were sitting on the counter in the same spot a box of peaches had sat for a few weeks. 
Of course peaches also makes me think of the song by the "Presidents of the United States"...and today Donald Trump accepted the Nomination. Plus Donald Trump's skin color being orange and after he was impeached there were the memes about him being Peach and not Orange. 

Me thinking this gets even more interesting when I see that today is 5 months 6 days or 159 days after Rosie O'Donnell's bday. 
Remember the Rockford Peach lady died on 5/6 and it was 5 months 6 days before her bday. It was also 56 days before the anniversary of  "A League of Their Own". 
Plus Rosie O'Donnell is known for having a feud with Donald Trump way before he was president. 
Donald Trump=159

As far as the Rose symbolism goes...I wonder if there is a connection to "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead". There is a famous line in the movie that goes, "I'm right on top of it Rose", which I say at work all the time. 

The reason I think it's more important is because my phone showed me a story earlier about Al Bundy taking a picture with a fan....Christina Applegate is important to this....
Plus whenever I read a halfway popular decode of sports on Facebook, there's always at least one person who writes about Al Bundy's career. 

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  1. The Western culture actually changed the Lotus into the Rose
    Rose is the symbol of perfection and full enlightenment
    (American Beauty)
    Rose is also the symbol of Horus
    Again changed from Lotus in West
    Mystic Rose represents the Mary and her mystic contribution to the Holy Trinity
    The Rosicrucian Cross and the Twin Pillars Boaz and Jachin
    Rose is also the symbol of Socialism