Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kamala Harris announced as VP candidate 2 days after the Wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies-Hulk Hogan-Bridge/Earthquake Symbolism

This new blogger sucks my balls, so I don't know what I'm going to do once they fully change it over. It's set up more for a phone and it won't let me drag and drop pictures the same and a bunch of other things. I switched it back to the old one, but it says it is changing it no matter what soon. 

Anyway, I've been working on the book like crazy just to get it done and over with and get back to making videos. It's a lot better, but it still needs a lot of organization and editing. The reason I'm bringing this up though, is last night I fixed a section about the Bridgewater Shooting and how it was connected to Roddy Piper/Ronda Rousey/Kobe Bryant/Hulk Hogan.....the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia/Earthquakes.....This happened just after Hulk Hogan said the "N" word and was kicked out out of the WWE. While reading about this I noticed that the wrestler Kamala commented that he didn't think Hulk Hogan was racist.....This just stood out to me considering Kamala just died on 8/9 and then on 8/11 Kamala Harris was announced as the Vice Presidential candidate. 
Kamala (Wrestler) has the real name of James HARRIS too. 
Anyway, I'm pretty sure this narrative is synced up to what I have been saying for years with Hulk Hogan getting his revenge against Earthquake in Philadelphia at SummerSlam...
Kamala Harris is from the San Francisco Bay area...and she was announced the VP candidate on Hulk Hogan and London Breed's birthdays of all days..

Also Kamala is part Indian and Jamaican which stands out like crazy. Remember last year 8/10 and 8/11 were important to Tisha B'Av....also SummerSlam was on 8/ was important to Haile Selassie/Lion Theme.....Once again this year the date of 8/27/2020 is 12/21/12 on the Ethiopian Calendar...remember Kofi Kingston and the guard wearing the 827 coat too....

I've recently mentioned a lot about India being important too, so I think there is something to it. 

Notice that Kamala and Kamala Harris' bdays are 146 days apart too. 
Hulk Hogan=146

Kamala died 2 months 12 days before Kamala Harris' 56th bday...
Kamala Harris=212
The age of 56 is interesting considering Kamala died age 70 from Coronavirus and Diabetes...
Coronavirus=56, 70
Society of Jesus=56

They announced her as VP 84 days before the election..

Kamala Devi Harris=71

Kamala Devi is also a famous Indian actress who was married to Chuck Connors. They were in the movie "Geronimo" together with Adam West...I mentioned this film when Adam West died..He died during the time I was mentioning the Jesuits like crazy in 2017...Connors also on "Flipper" which was important to my Uncle Barney dying in connection to the Jesuits.

In my old post about Kamala Harris I also pointed out that the name means "Lotus" or "Pale Red"....this reminds me of the Pink Lotus Flower on I Pet Goat II that Obama starts sweating after seeing....Obama the first black president....Kamala is part Jamaican....


  1. Ovid Roman Poet
    Andromeda Constellation
    Sirrah Alamak kamalA harriS

  2. An artist named, Leon Bridges sang a song named "sweeter" at the DNC.