Tuesday, September 1, 2020

John Thompson Jr coach of Iverson and Ewings Georgetown Hoya's dies-Charles Manson-Houston Rockets

Just a quick documentation here, but I've been talking about 1984 college basketball championship since the beginning of the year in connection to the Houston Rockets. They got their revenge in 1994 when they beat Patrick Ewing's Knicks in the NBA....Remember Hakeem Olajuwon was a TWIN Tower with Virginia's Ralph Sampson...just interesting considering Thompson died in Virginia....Iverson important to Virginia...today we had a plane crash in Virginia....The Rockets lost tonight too and will play again on 9/2 which is this guys bday....
Of course Georgetown important to the Jesuits too..
He died age 78

Look at this though...

John Thompson Jr=261(FB) 195 and 183
These numbers I keep mentioning over and over. 

Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon=194

What are the odds? haha it's just crazy....Remember he is the first person to be announced in the draft by David Stern....I think a lot of people forgot about the death of David Stern including myself after Kobe....Remember he resigned just before the Donald Sterling RACISM with the Clippers....A clipper ship at one time was used in Slave Trading....STERN...Sterling Silver...
Los Angeles Clippers=81
Kobe Bean Bryant=81

Allen Iverson got a chance at Georgetown after being released from Prison over a White vs Black Brawl at a Bowling Alley...

Notice John Thompson's bday is 9/2 as well....the same day as the Corn moon and Game 7 of the Rocket Thunder game. 

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