Monday, March 2, 2020

Video with Simple Truth TV-Boston Celtics-Houston Rockets-The number 195-Kobes Achilles/Marathon/34/Batman-More France thoughts

It's funny last night I wrote in my notepad that I was seeing a lot of the number 195. There was more to this, but these were the ones I could remember so I wrote them down. 
I would click on a story and the main topics would have 195 in them. 

I just did a Youtube video with Simple Truth TV and he was talking about the NBA Finals in connection to the Boston Celtics and Kemba Walker. 
Kemba Walker=195
Boston Celtics=195
This is how it always happens haha. I didn't even know I was doing this video until a few hours ago and this was the topic, so I find it funny to be connected to 195. 

It is interesting as well with as much as I've documented about the Houston Rockets. 
Simple Truth TV=59, 203
Houston Rockets=59, 203

Remember when Chyna Thomas died it was synced up to the Rockets and the Celtics...
The Rockets lost in the 1981 NBA Finals and the 1986 Finals to the Celtics before finally winning in 1994 and 1995. 
One Hundred Ninety Five=111
The NBA Finals=111

What are the odds the last game the Celtics played was against the Houston was their 59th game of the season lol? This was also the last game the Rockets played too. 
Notice they won with 111 points. 

Chyna Thomas died 156 days after my bday. All the stuff connected to Jasmine...
Boston Celtics=156
Missing Tooth=156
Think how Kobe died 156 days after his bday..
Think how Kobe tore his achilles just before the BOSTON Marathon. 

Kemba Walker shares a bday with Mike D'Antoni. 
Kobe Bryant=58=DeMarcus Cousins=Dwight Howard=Los Angeles Lakers=Dan Behrendt

Kemba Walker=39
He is 39 years younger than Mike D'Antoni...
Kemba Hudley Walker=177(that number again)

Notice that the Celtics signed Walker and Enes Kanter....numbers 8 and 11...
8/11...Tisha B'Av....Tisha B'Av this year begins on the annivesary of NASA being established. 
Zion...Zion Williamson...
Kemba Walker signed with the Celtics on Zion Williamson's bday of 7/6. 

I also mentioned the connection to France again in the video tonight...Remember 227 the big number..
Houston Rockets=227(FB)
Mike D'Antoni=227(FB)

In the video with Simple Truth TV I also brought up Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett in connection to the Celtics....Lupercalia...Teen Wolf...

Boston Marathon=58, 175, 203, 227(FB) and 922(Eng Ext)..
France 9/22....227....this is pretty interesting. Nipsey Hussle..Marathon symbolism with LA. 

Think about that in relation to Kobe and the Achilles info. 
I'm really thinking about this....Remember Nipsey Hussle is connected to Ethiopia which is why we had the Ethiopian Airline crash....this was all synced up to the Rams being in the Super Bowl in connection to Moses and 34/Ark of the Covenant....this number also important to the Civil War and Kobe tore his achilles on the anniversary of the Civil War beginning....Kobe all about the number 34...
So were the Ravens who won the Super Bowl before Kobe tore his achilles....The other Tsarnaev brother was Tamerlane which is the poem by Edgar Allen Poe under the pen name, "The Bostonian"....Poe known for Baltimore which is the in the Catholic Colony...
Francis=34(became the Pope just before Kobe's achilles injury)
Pope Francis=227(FB)
Think how he was important to 9/23...which was important to France/Isis Attack....FRANCE IS....they later changed Isis to just IS(Islamic State)
Achilles was killed by Paris in Mythology. 

Nipsey Hussle born on the same day as Napoleon/227th day..
Nipsey Hussle=224(FB) like "Kobe Bryant"=224(FB)

King Charles III=244,  91,  and 134
Interesting this year will be the 244th anniversary of the United States and 9/1 is normally the 244th day. 
It's also 134 days after Elizabeth II's bday. 
King Charles=134

It's funny too that I mentioned Nick Van Exel in the video tonight. He used to be my favorite player before Kobe Bryant. I even still have a hotmail with his name and number 9 in it that I use sometimes. 
Nick Van Exel=177 and 48
He's currently 48 years old. 
Boston Celtics=48
The NBA Finals=48
He is the last Laker to score in the Boston Garden. 
His son also was convicted of murder in 2013..the same year Kobe tore his achilles. 
Think about that too in regards to the 13th prime being 41. 

I'm gonna go to bed, but I'll think about this more...Enes Kanter is important because of the Turkey stuff...Turkey is the first to claim Isis as a terrorist group....Also important to Sylvester Stallone/Rocky and the Nice, France attack on the 227th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.