Sunday, March 8, 2020

Iowa girl regains eyesight after losing vision to the Flu

This story was on top of CNN articles tonight. It draws my attention because I'm from Iowa. 

Jade DeLucia=39

I also find it interesting considering I just documented about my daughter Claire and the number 222. 
Jade DeLucia=222
Notice the story began around Christmas, which is something I documented about in the Claire post. 
I also just documented about Zaya Wade, and the Truth Awards that happened 2 months 22 days before her bday. I didn't put that in the post, as I didn't think it was significant...but now I keep seeing 222....Remember 8/10 is the 222nd day...and it was important to Tisha B'Av last year...Claire's bday is during Tisha B'Av this year...

Notice this story began on Christmas Eve, which was 75 days before today when the mainstream media reports it too. 
Jade DeLucia=75

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