Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Taylor Swift and Kanye's famous phone call leaked online-France-Illuminati

Think how I've mentioned the coronavirus and this year being important to France. I also mentioned how Kanye West/Taylor Swift were important to this narrative and now we get a story about Taylor/Kanye's famous phone call being leaked online? 

Remember Taylor Swift's "Me" video starts off with her speaking French as well. 

Kanye said George Bush hated black people in regards to Hurricane on..The first NFL person to get coronavirus was Sean Payton the coach of the New Orleans Saints....Saints...Pope...

It's for sure a tribute to the Illuminati. Notice this tape was leaked on the 80th day of the year that was 80 days before Kanye's bday. 
Bavarian Illuminati=80
Kanye West=120 and 51
Taylor Swift=51
Illuminati founded on 5/1. 
Adam Weishaupt=51

Kanye West=244(FB)
We are coming up on the 244th anniversary of the Illuminati. 

Remember the whole drama was Kanye thought Beyonce should have won. 
Beyonce=120 and 239(FB)
Think about Beyonce and Jay-z..Rock a Fella..Illuminati. 

Don't forget that at the the 2015 VMA's that were just before the Paris Attacks...Taylor Swift awarded Kanye with the video Vanguard award. She talked about how he was studying "The Craft". 
Kanye said he was going to run for president in 2020 at them VMA's as well. 

Kanye's bday is also 188 days before Taylor Swift's. 
Bavarian Illuminati=188
The Bavarian Illuminati=221
Taylor Alison Swift=221

Also in regards to Kanye's bday on 6/'s the day leaving 206 days in the year. 
Seattle Washington=68 and is in the 206 area code. 
Coronavirus began in Seattle, which is home to Bill Gates...the Genius Billionaire like Kanye West. 

All of the Kanye narrative is important to Queen Elizabeth II as well. 

I still think this is somehow connected to Paris Hilton and the commercial in 2015 that talked about Blackout dates. Paris the City of LIGHT...think about that in regards to Sirius/Illuminati/Freemasonry too. 
Aurora, Illinois the City of Light as well..(Batman)


  1. Random fact I just found out. So you're aware Paris means for Isis. The River Thames is also known as The Isis.

  2. Great Britain = 124 ordinal. Easter is on 12/4. Just this morning they're saying Prince Charles has the coronavirus, lol. Their finally getting to the point.