Sunday, March 15, 2020

Conor McGregor says Aunt died of Coronavirus on Friday the 13th-Nice, France Van Attack

Conor McGregor said his aunt died of Coronavirus on Friday the 13th and now says it's not true. 
The UFC is the only sport that has continued with the Coronavirus going on..
Ultimate Fighting Championship=312
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312

Think how the Paris attacks in 2015 on Friday the 13th were synced to Pope Francis visit to the US. Francis then left from Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary. 
It was the 223rd year of the French Republic. 
Napoleone di Buonaparte=223
Friday the Thirteenth=223
The Knights Templar were arrested in France on Friday the 13th leading to their demise. 

Two Hundred One=244
Paris Attacks were 244 days before the Nice France Van attack. 
Nice France=244(FB)
This year Bastille Day will happen during the 244th year of the US. 
Nice France was connected to Sylvester Stallone(Rocky/Philadelphia). 
Stupid Coronavirus=244

The Nice France van attack was on the 227th anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille. 
The number important to France this year...
Pope Francis=227(FB)

So moral of the story is that Conor McGregor says this on Friday the 13th and notice his bday is the anniversary of Bastille day. 
Remember everything about Conor McGregor is connected to the number 223. 

Bastille Day=239(FB)

The Nice France van attack was synced to the the Miss Universe car crashing into people in Las Vegas on 12/20/2015 too. Remember Donald Trump was part of the Miss Universe pageant stuff. 
The lady who ran people over stopped at the Paris intersection and then kept running people over. 

The Nice France Van attack was 70 days before the 224th anniversary of the French Republic. 
The Storming of the Bastille happened on the 70th day of the French Revolution. 
Paris France=70
The Van attack was just after Donald Trump turned 70 years old...on Pope Francis 1,189th day as Pope. 
The French Republic anniversary to 12/1 is 70 days. They are now saying 12/1 is date of the first symptoms, but it may have been 11/17. 

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  1. From Trump's first day in office to 3/22/20
    1157 days

    1157 = twelfth of March
    Day NBA suspended season

    1157 = fifty six
    1/26/20 to 3/22/20
    56 days

    1157 = Super Bowl
    2/2/20 to 3/22/20
    49 days

    10/18/19 to 3/22/20
    156 days
    5 months 4 days
    22 weeks 2 days

    1157th prime = 9343
    8/23/94 to 3/22/20
    9343 days

    8/23 Louis XVI d.o.b.