Saturday, March 21, 2020

Disney film Tangled and the Kingdom of Corona

Earlier today I saw on Facebook that the film "Tangled" predicted the coronavirus. A few seconds later Jasmine asked Claire if she wanted to watch "Tangled" on Disney plus..She had no idea I had just looked at that post, and I asked her why she wanted to watch it...she didn't have a reason..just because lol. 
I don't think I've ever watched this whole movie but apparently the girl gets locked up for years, similar to a quarantine....the Kingdom in the film is named Corona. 

I have to think about this, but I've had synchronicity with this film a few other times as well. The last time being on 11/14/2018. Oddly enough that film came out on 11/14/2010 too. It was synced up to the Pink/Moore stuff as Mandy Moore is the voice of the main character in Tangled. 

The sync was 1 year 4 months 7 days (end date) ago...
Mandy Moore=147 also 244(FB)
I just mentioned a ton of 244..



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