Sunday, March 8, 2020

Claire scared of a YouTube video last night-Batman-Christmas

Last night we had a big get together at my grandma and grandpa's house. I've documented a few times about my grandpa having cancer and what not, and he's finally not doing the a lot of the family came back last night. Jasmine stayed home as she worked a double and hadn't slept, but when I got home she was awake, so I got the kids to bed and went to the bar. I heard my cousins talking about going there, and since she was awake I figured I would go too. Anyway when I got home, Claire was awake crying because she was scared of this Youtube video. Apparently her phone was turned off and she rolled over in bed and her phone turned on with this video about Elfs, or that is what she told me. This is the first time I ever remember her being scared like this, as she has never had any problems before. It just got me thinking about all the times stuff like this has happened to me in my life. I've probably got a books worth of ghost type experiences, like the time the dresser in my room fell over by itself when I was home alone as a kid. How does a dresser just fall over when no one is around? I remember I went upstairs to figure out what the noise was, and I noticed my dresser was knocked over...I also noticed for the first time how the handles on my dresser looked like evil faces and I'm still to this day creeped out by those handles. 
Anyway, I guess I'm just writing this because I know these experiences growing up are a major reason that I've been curious about "truth" in the world. I tried explaining this to Claire last night, and to not be scared. I'm not going to lie to her and tell her that what happened to her isn't real. I believe what happened to her, probably really did happen. I just told her that I've had these things happen to me all my life, and I'm still here, nothing has ever "got me". I also told her not to be scared of it, because I bet there is something to be learned from it. I said this, because I have been explaining a lot about gematria and other things to her recently. I truly think these experiences happen for a reason and no doubt after looking, it sure did. 

This happened 7 months 8 days or 222 days after her 9th birthday. 
Claire Cowgill=78 and 222
Now what are the odds of that? haha

I also find it interesting that this video was put on YouTube 85 days ago and this happened on the 68th day of the year. 
Fun And Crazy Kids=68 and 85

I also thought it was interesting that video was stopped at 11 seconds when she showed me what happened. 
If you write out the whole title of the video it equals 314. 

Also interesting that Claires 10th bday will be during Tisha B'Av in 2020. 

I'm just throwing this out there as well. When I was searching for the screen shots I took on her old phone...the first pictures that came up were from 7/20/2019....the anniversary of the Batman shooting...Also the search says "christmas", which I didn't type in. 
It makes me think of that Pierce Brosnan James Bond film, as the joke at the end is about the lady named "Christmas"...and he thought Christmas only came once a year. 
Plus this video she got scared from is all about Christmas. Elf on the the video they are looking at Christmas movies on the tv.....the girl is wearing a Queen "The Works" shirt....the album came out on 2/27/1984....22/7=3.14. 

This happened on 3/8. 

I started writing this post earlier today, and Alistair started crying. It's about impossible to type while I'm holding him, so I just turned on "The Dark Knight" that I've been trying to watch for a while. After holding him for a while, I started wondering what time it was in hopes that Jasmine would be off work soon. When I looked at the time it was 2:22..of course. I also thought it was interesting it was on the part where it says "Batman Dead?" too. 

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