Friday, March 27, 2020

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana-France/Batman-Prince Philip wants to be reincarnated as a deadly Virus-Louisiana coronavirus disaster-Meghan Markle/Prince Harry-Pink

This makes so much sense haha. When I watched the Batman vs Superman movie a few weeks ago, I wondered if there was something important to Wonder Woman. I didn't really look much at it though and had no idea her name is Princess Diana. 
Ben Affleck born on Napoleon's bday. 
Henry Cavill born on Napoleon's death day, also the day of the French Revolution beginning. 
Wonder Woman makes her debut in this film and is synced to Princess Diana who died in France. 

To further the narrative the actress who portrays Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot. 
Gal Gadot=132(FB) and 201(FB)
She was also the former beauty QUEEN...Miss Israel in 2004. 
Born on the 120th day of the year..."Illuminati"=120

Notice the 2017 film "Wonder Woman" begins in Paris, France too. It also involves World War I, which is important to the Spanish Flu. 
It's interesting too in regards to her be an Amazonian...The Amazon burning, Jeff Bezo's divorce...Seattle where the first case of Coronavirus was. 

Don't forget too that Diana is the goddess of the MOON. The Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing, just before Neil Armstrong died. 
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
7/20 is the 201st day of the year. 
Buzz Aldrin  born on 20/1. 

I'm wondering too..
Wonder Woman=55
5/5 the day Napoleon died/French Revolution began/Cinco de Mayo. 

Interesting her film after Batman v Superman she played the character named Jill POPE too. 

Gal Gadot's bday of 4/30 is also interesting as it's the day Louisiana=201 became a state. 
It's also the day the Louisiana Purchase treaty was signed.
 Note it says the documents didn't arrive in Washington DC until 7/14, which is Bastille Day. 

New Orleans in the news today for Coronavirus disaster. 
Once again...New Orleans important to FRANCE. 
Funny how it began in Seattle where Zach is from, and got pretty big after Zach went to New Orleans. He even mentioned how he was sick before this and possibly could have had it. 
I too was sick for weeks in December among many others around me, which has made me wonder as well.

Seriously haha both of my sons just woke up from a nap so I had to stop and get them. I sit down on the couch and I look up at the TV and see this...George Clooney's Batmobile. 
It's the episode "Walk Away" from Teen Titans Go.

The current constitution of France also adopted the same day the Joker film came out.

It's also interesting that Prince Philip said that he is tempted to ask to reincarnated as a deadly virus in the book "If I were an Animal". 
He thinks a big problem in the world is overpopulation. 

It's also curious that Prince Charles announced his coronavirus 2 months 16 days before Prince Philip's bday. 
Remember 216 is the important number to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 
Meghan Markle=216 and born on the 216th day of the year. 
American Royal=216
Prince Henry of Wales=216
Prince William born on 21/6. 

This is why today we got the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving Canada and moving into Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles=216(FB)
They got married 2 months 16 days before Meghan's bday on 8/4. She's related to Harry through Elizabeth Bowes who was also born on 8/4. (Elizabeth II's mother). 
They got married 8 months 4 days before Prince Harry's bday. 
Two Hundred Sixteen=84
Harry born in 84'. 
Princess Diana=84
Queen Elizabeth II=84
Meghan Duchess of Sussex=84
Paris important to the number 36 and Diana dying age 36....
The 36th triangular is 666....6X6X6=216
Remember they played the song "Stand by Me" at their wedding by Ben E. KING. Makes me think of "The Stand" by Stephen(crown) KING. 
Stand by Me based on "The Body" by Stephen King. 

Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West=216

Also Wendy mentioned Queen Victoria in the post above. 
Queen Victoria surpassed King George as longest monarch on 9/22...also the day he was coronated...and Elizabeth passed her on 9/9(which 9/22 was 9/9 on Julian)..
9/22 the anniversary of the French Republic. 

Obama born on 8/4.

Queen Victoria=244(FB)
Diana's death day this year will be the 244th day of the year in the 244th year of the United States. 
King Charles III=244
Prince Philip is 1776 days older than Elizabeth II. 
Think about 1776 in regards to this. 

She died 122 days before her bday on 1/22.
Pope Francis=122

She ruled for 63 years.
Charles got coronavirus 63 days after her death anniversary. 
Prince Philip=63
The number 63 is super important to Harry and Meghan as 
Prince Charles announced his coronavirus on the 6th month 3rd day of the French Republic. 

Right as I wrote the word "Ruled" I heard the TV say it too. 
It was an episode of "The Amazing World of Gumball" called, "The News". 
They go on to explain how the PINK diamond left and Diamonds rule the universe. 
The kids name is STEPHEN...which means the color PINK stands out to me. 


  1. They're sending out a new message for Meghan Markle. She's to narrate something called "Elephants". Same day there was a story from Thailand about stopping elephant rides due to Corona virus. The elephant had a red cross painted on its side. Switzerland logo too. Zach has been mentioning Switzerland a ton lately. WHO based in Switzerland. Bank of International Settlements. Ton of shit out of Switzerland. Trump mentioned using supercomputers to find a cure. If you've read anything about cryptocurrency sounds like he's wanting to generate cryptocurrency in reality.

  2. The Elephant is a symbol of royal power just like the umbrella

  3. The Red Cross is also symbol of the Knights Templar

  4. Interesting that Victoria had a mutated disease (Haemophilia) the Royal Disease
    RNA splicing and truncated proteins
    Coronavirus and enveloped proteins that affect RNA
    Maybe the new royal disease

  5. Wow, excellent additions, thanks. Remember when Philip crash his car on January 17, 2019? I noticed from January 17, 2019 to April 4, 2020 = 444 days (including end date) or 1 year 2 months 18 days. April 4, 2020 = 4/4/2+2 = 4/4/4... The 1 year 2 months 18 days reminds me of the Cascades Train derailment outside of Dupont, Washington. The train that had "LABRATS" written on it. That happened on December 18, 2017. 12 x 18 = 216 (6x6x6). From December 18, 2017 to March 29, 2020 = 2 years 3 months 11 days or 119 weeks (including end date). March 30/20 would also be 119 weeks. Wonder Woman has a foe named "Circe". "Circe" is pronounced like Kirk and is apparently the Scottish word for Church. Appropriately she is known for he "magic potions, her magic wand, being a seductress, and turning men into animals, more often pigs. Her father is Helios, the sun god. There are two Saints that are worshipped together, Saint Corona and Saint Victor, like "Crown Victory". The Feast Day for them is May 14th. According to Wiki, Saint Corona was "popular in folk treasure magic, being called upon by a treasure hunter to bring treasure, then being sent away through a similarly elaborate ritual". "Corona is specially venerated in Austria and eastern Bavaria. She is invoked in connection with superstitions involving money, such as gambling and treasure hunting". There is a church on a mountain in Northern Italy built by the Crusaders after the First Crusade. From Queen Victoria's 119th anniversary of death January 22, 2020 to May 14, 2020 = 3 months 22 days. From January 22, 2020 to March 11, 2020 (Pandemic date) = 1 month 19 days (incl end date). Also the Zion Nike shoe blowout happened on February 20, 2019, Nike the Goddess of Victory. From the anniversary of that February 20, 2020 to April 4, 2020 is 44 days. February 20, 2020 = 2/20/2020 = 2+2/2+2 = 4/4. Anyway, it's like they are playing out the stories of the Gods/Goddesses. Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest. Keep up the great work!

    1. Remember the Titans
      Clue was about the gods during the Super Bowl
      Osiris/Isis etc
      They are definitely playing out the stories of the gods

    2. You also have the snake/bear
      Mahommes gaelic derived from bear
      Native American Zodiac he is bear
      Garoppolo is snake
      Kobe = Black Mamba
      Wilt = the Big Dipper(Great Bear)
      Draco(serpent/snake) lies between the Big Dipper and Little Dipper

      Look at Final Four logo
      Two tone
      Second tone leaves letters within letters
      rii vhl ruur
      Double meanings
      Digging deep you have snake/bear
      rii = king in gaelic
      vhl = novel(mutating) disease
      ruur = rubus ursinus
      (bramble bear)
      Digging deeper you find medical significance
      Snake root (rauwolfia serpentina)
      From family Apocynaceae
      Also used in reserpine
      Studies from 60's show that reserpine was very formative fighting coronavirus
      Reserpine is used for hypertension and is an alkaloid which penetrates blood brain barrier
      If you research the effects of covid 19 especially if it is Part HIV this makes sense as it attacks cells and breaks down blood brain barrier crossing over to attack CNS
      Just one aspect of this
      Alot of info there

  6. I forgot to mention the other connection with the movie "Wonder Woman 1984", in the book "1984" the main character, Winston, starts his journals on the date April 4, 1984. 36 years ago. April 4th is a pretty eventful date historically.