Monday, March 23, 2020

Tom Hanks in Australia to portray Colonel Tom Parker

Tom Hanks got coronavirus while set to play the character of Colonel Tom Parker? 
Notice Tom Parker died on 1/21. 
Coronavirus began in Seattle on 1/21. 
It now began on 12/1 everywhere. 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation=121
World Health Organization=121

In regards to the was founded on 5/1 which is typically the 121st day of the year. 
Colonel Tom Parker=239
Society of Jesus=239(FB)

Notice Tom Parker's bday is 26/6 too. 
Remember June 26th was really important in 2015 when Pope Francis visited too. It was the day Gay Marriage was legalized. 

Thomas Andrew Parker=210
He died 210 days after his bday. 

I can't help but think his initials are important as well. 
T.P. ...Like Toilet Paper. 

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